Thursday, June 9, 2016

Last Day of K, Summer Vacation Here We Come!

Whoa, I see that the last entry was around the first day of kindergarten and here I am writing on their last day. I don't keep the blog updated anymore (OBVIOUSLY) but for those of you who are curious, here's what we're up to...

The girls did awesome all year in kindergarten. In the fall, the girls came home and were utterly exhausted but through the year they got more and more used to the schedule. These girls dropped their naps pretty late in age so I'm not surprised it took awhile. (Will on the other hand dropped his nap a long time ago so we'll see in a couple years if that helps.) They all blossomed in their own ways. Sofia became more confident- a year ago at Preschool graduation she looked away from the audience the whole time and was terrified but this year she was looking ahead and singing with everyone! Josie is my rule follower and I trust her the most to do the right thing and kind of "be in charge". Madeline is still the funniest and tells stories from the day with so much animation. Age six has been so amazing...I'm loving their personalities and seeing them start to read and do math. In the fall the girls are going in three different classes for the first time. Their teacher and we decided it was best for them to become more confident on their own and not rely on each other socially. I think it will be hard for the first day or week but I know they will do great!

In school, each girl would tell you that recess was their favorite part of the day, but they all like math and working on reading and writing too. It's crazy what they get the kindergartners to learn compared to when I was in K.

Will and I had a LOT of one-on-one time this year. We miss having the girls around and look forward to the summer! I do not meet his level of obsession with Star Wars much to his dismay, haha! He and I went to ECFE the whole year back in Roseville and he loved it (as did I). He asked every day if it was Wednesday yet so he could go to school. In the fall he will start at Valley Preschool (where the girls went) for two mornings a week. He's getting so big. Everyone will tell you he is so hilarious, smart, and sweet but of course he's in temper tantrum territory still.

Picture overload ahead. First I'll post some graduation pictures from today, then I'll put in some pictures to show some highlights of the year. Thanks for reading after such a long break. If I update the blog again it will probably be after a good chunk of time again (I'll just be honest this time!)
The whole crew!
Best friends forever! 
Had to add the picture showing Will's latest "thing"- photobombing!


Friend time with Anna, Elsa, and Luke! (I guess Will didn't want to be in the picture but he was having fun too)
Fall last year at Island Lake- with the cousins!
Animals for the third (?) year in a row!
With their chosen jack-o-lantern faces!

Took this pic in Duluth in the fall and used it for our Christmas card picture
Happy Thanksgiving!

Josie's yearly pic- age 6

Sofia- age 6

Madeline- age 6

Will, age 3
At Gooseberry Falls

The girls' kid birthday party 
My brother Ben got married to Erin at the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth

Christmas Eve

Family on Christmas Eve!
Christmas morning
Awesome igloo grandpa Klopp made at Island Lake!
Celebrating Will's birthday at Long Lake (the cake was already half eaten)

Sledding with daddy!
Will may have stepped in the hole! That face though!
Spring break in Arizona!

On a hike in AZ


Happy Easter from the Klopps!
Penelope only a day old with proud dad Ben (my brother)

Penelope with her cousins (Mia is the cousin on the other side, who is holding Penelope)
The girls did two swimming sessions this past winter/spring. They are really coming along!

Mother's Day!
My munchkins and me on Mother's Day
Will with "Teacher Louise", the helper at ECFE (she was the favorite!)
At Dan's work party. (Twins won!)

The girls started soccer and love it so far!

Adorable niece Penelope!

Cousin time!

With second cousin Cecil! (Dan's cousin Laura's baby)
Hope all is well! Thanks again for catching up! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

End of Summer and New Beginnings

 Labor Day weekend came and went. It was fabulous to have another beautiful weekend up north to enjoy that little bit of sunshine left. We got lots of rain but it was mostly at night so that left lots of boat/lake time during the day. The girls had fun tubing- mostly Josie and Madeline. Sofia doesn't take to tubing yet but went with Dan a cu I got in a long run and a hard workout, as I am only a couple weeks away for my next big half marathon. The rest of the weekend, I took it easy- reading by the lake and swimming when I got too hot! The Ahrens were at the cabin too and we got to watch Dane go water skiing for the first time! He popped right up his first try! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I was totally impressed.  I love watching all the cousins play together. When they weren't tubing and swimming, they were working on their "spy house" in the woods or jumping in one of the many mud puddles. Good thing there was a lake to wash up in!
The best way to cruise the lake- put the kids on a big float so we can have the pontoon to ourselves! (Way more fun for the kids too!)
Oh, to be a kid again!
Love how Josie is wearing her life jacket!

 Who can get the muddiest?
Madeline is pretty dirty
Dane looks proud!
I think Peter won the muddy contest!
Sofia putting on a pose :)
Josie trying out the slip and slide!
"Tat time" (what Will calls nap time)
Looking for turtles and treasures
Kids on their way tubing!
Peter, Madeline, and Dane
Dane, Peter, Madeline, and Josie
Go, Dane!!!
Will hamming it up!
Sauna time!
One last hurrah the night before school. Touch-a-Truck!
Well, yesterday was the girls' first day of Kindergarten. It was a big day for our whole family! First of all, when we think back to when they were first born, the concept of Kindergarten felt foreign and even optimistic. We weren't sure if these babies were going to make it at all. We also thought about James during this big event- thanking him for doing such a great job looking over his sisters. We don't go a day without thinking about him.
First picture they ever had all together the middle of being terribly sick.
Kindergarten for me, marks the beginning of the girls being big kids- and a beginning where we (and family/friends) aren't their only influences in their world. Suddenly, there are their teachers, classmates, and all the other kids on the playground and on the bus! What really made me start crying on the first day was when we were walking to the bus stop and I was holding two of the girls' hands. I thought to myself "how many more years will they want to do this??" It's such a sweet moment to walk holding hands with your kids. After the girls got on the bus, Dan, Will, and I ran back to the car and made it to the school. We barely had enough time to park and run over to the sidewalk to watch them get off the bus! They have a such a short bus ride!

Their first day went well. We had a million questions for them but it was hard to get too much out of them. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and just watch them all day! I do know they got two recesses and saw the gym and did a couple games there. Snack was after an early lunch.... you know, the important things. ;)  Among the new pics, I also added one pic of dan from his first day, and one of me. Who do the girls look like??
Dan in his bright yellow rain jacket!

Me... but I have to point out some strange observation...the first day of school was universally on the same day for all the public elementary schools, and Dan and I were the same grade, so why does Dan's weather look drizzly and foggy, and mine relatively bright? What!! Deb (Dan's mom) wonders maybe we had a big gap of when we actually caught the bus, which could be the answer we're looking for! Duluth's weather does change quickly!




Love, love, love this picture!

My kids and me!
Posing with daddy
Here comes the bus!

Josie giving us one more look back!

Arrived at school!
In line ready for school
They're home!!! That marks the end of the first day!

Today is the first day it is truly just Will and I since Dan worked from home yesterday. I think it's going to be just as big of an adjustment for him as it is for the rest of us. All of a sudden three of his playmates are gone the whole day! I have to learn how to be a "singleton" mom! I can think of plenty of things to do outside the house, etc, but it will be new for me to try to get things done around the house when Will wants to play with me at the same time. Too bad he doesn't have a twin- haha!
Seriously, that would be great!

I love seeing everyone's back to school pictures online. I don't get sick of it at all! I hope school is going smoothly for everyone out there! Thanks for reading this long post!