Friday, September 9, 2016

Summer Adventures, Start of School

First off, check out my brother's short film "Penelope" with Disney. It's so cute and I'm so proud of him!

School started this past week and I thought I'd update about the summer and beginning of school. As usual, we had some of cabin time, frog hunting, and Duluth time. I know it's cliché, but summer FLEW by! Much of our free time was spent sprucing up our old Roseville house to get it ready for selling. It has officially been on the market since August and we're waiting for the right offer.

The last couple years I have spent a week with the kids in Duluth while Dan works. It coincides with Garry Bjorklund half marathon and vacation Bible school at Lara's family's church. I had a very disappointing half marathon this year. The conditions were weird- the temp was very pleasant (60's at the start I believe, but crept up by the end), but the humidity got to me. All four kids spent the mornings at the camp and had so much fun. I got in runs, friend time, and reading time during that break.
Cheering squad! (I had another cheering squad of some of my family farther along)
I wasn't feeling too badly at this point...
My friend Leah and I after...both glad to be DONE!

Bouncy obstacle course for Dane and Peter's joint birthday times (I just watched as it was the same day as the race!)

All four kids spent the mornings another week at our church's VBS. It was my first glimpse of free time, and now I don't even remember what I did with myself. By the end of the week, though, Will seemed to have enough of the separation and cried when I left (he is usually so easily separated!) When I picked him up each day, it was obvious he was having fun so I wasn't worried!


With my friend Leah's kids. So. Many. Kids.
Ice cream from my first summer job, Portland Malt Shoppe
Mmmmmm, Chilly Billy's!
The girls started soccer, and I feel like this was the first sport they LOVED! (They have done a little gymnastics, tennis, and swimming) All three like to play midfield and forward because they love to run (YES!) No scoring until Sofia scored at the end of the season team scrimmage (not sure it really counts haha!) They'll definitely continue soccer next summer. I was trying to look around for a fall program that didn't take place on weekends and came up empty, so we'll just wait for next summer.


Josie (we missed the professional pics because we were in Duluth, so I just did my own)


Will had to get in on it!

Odin awaits his fishermen

The main trips we had this summer were Lake Ojibway, Long Lake, and camping at the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. The kids loved all these trips and looked forward to them all summer. Apostle Islands can be paradise with perfect weather...we had nice weather 2/3 of the days but one day it rained ALL day. The kids were so good about it though and didn't complain which is so key!
Nice one, Dan and Will!

My dad and brother brought our old row boat to life (I was their age playing on that!)
Chess prodigies in the making?
How can I not share THIS pic!
Thought this was a cool sillouhete picture at "Section 12" lake
We attempted to fish all 6 of us- lots of lines to manage...

Night out for our anniversary: dinner downtown rooftop Minneapolis and a Louis C.K. comedy show!

Coming back after fishing (photo cred Andy)

The crew that was at Lake Ojibway
Trying to feed this red squirrel some nuts 

I thought this was a cool pic Andy took
Quick jumps in after the sauna at Long Lake!
Buddies! Will loves to play with Grandma Peterson

Playin' some ladderball

More lawn games at: Kubb, a Swedish game

Strategizing during Kubb

With rains come movie time

About to take off at the Apostle Islands!

Nighty night!
Ginormous toad at the Apostle Islands
Nighty night!


Exploring Devil's Island cool!
Grandma and Will :)
Dan and the guys jumped off a huge cliff!
The kids were all looking for treasure
I don't show too much of the "bad", but here's Will throwing a tantrum because he didn't want Sofia to look out his window! He's trying to block her view...I had to laugh.

The girls have finished day 3 of first grade, and they seem to love it just like they loved school last year. They have had a very smooth transition to the separation from each other. I'm glad we gave them lots of warning that the split was coming since they had time to accept it. Each girl has a friend or two from their Kindergarten class and the best part is they can reunite during recess.
My sweet Sofia

Could Madeline be more excited?

Josie being her cute self
Will wanted to fit in...

They do look older than last year. First graders!
And off they go...

Will had a shortened orientation day at Valley Preschool this past Tuesday. He starts Monday/Tuesday morning preschool after the weekend. I know he'll do well, especially since it's only two mornings a week. He met a kid that seems to like Star Wars just as much as him! Fast friends??
Will had his first day of Preschool (shortened, and I stayed the whole time)
Will so proud at Valley Preschool

I hope everyone had a great summer. I always look forward to leaves, cool weather, and fall races (Monster Dash half marathon this fall!) Dan will say fall is all about hunting! Either way, it's always a good season.

Until next time! (It's so hard to pick my favorite pics from the summer, so you get a photo bomb! Blogger is giving me a hard time so the pics below are in random order.

Co-pilot enabled us to have family bike rides!

One of my favorite things this summer: our little family bike rides. We didn't fit too many in but the season's not over!

My side of the family together

Our "little" family

So many frogs caught this summer.

Part of the girls/kids weekend- Punch Pizza!

When the guys went camping/fishing, we played 

Future track stars

The kids love spending time with Penelope

Adorable Penelope

Photo bomber!

Not only did we have to get our Roseville house ready to sell, we also started a huge siding project 

Uncle Andy and Will happy as can be

Bubbles with Aunt Aimee

Painting at the Roseville house while the kids enjoyed Long Lake

Frogs galore!

He's just a bitty one!

Will with his friend William :)

Reptile program at our nature center

So brave. So cool

Tubing at Island Lake!

There's this cool dirt hill on one of the islands at Island Lake that the kids had a blast on!

More Penelope time

Como town!

We didn't make it to the State Fair, but we made it to the Washington County fair. Quite a bit more laid back which I like!


So fun when Uncle Jon came to visit! Didn't get pics with all four kids though.

The week before Labor Day, Josie fell out of a tree and had a complete fracture in her upper arm. No cast, and it's supposed to heal up very nicely. She has an immobilizer for three weeks total and then we X-ray again.

Sweet Lincoln Log tower!