Monday, August 31, 2015

Life Lately

Well, now that it's been almost a year I thought I'd give a little update. I can't update the whole entire year because that is just too daunting of a task! Just know it was a good one! This summer we have been keeping ourselves super busy- spending most weekends away, including Duluth, Island Lake, Long Lake, Lake Ojibway, Connecticut, and the Apostle Islands. I can probably count on one hand how many weekends we've actually been home. For Labor Day weekend we are planning another Long Lake trip.

I will update on each kid...
Sofia has three baby teeth gone (one of which had to be pulled) and has learned to ride a bike without training wheels. She also will swim in deep water with a life jacket on. She likes tubing but was the most nervous to go and needs to go with Dan or me. All the girls have been pretty tentative around water so this is a big step. Her favorite daily activity, along with her siblings, is to catch frogs in our backyard. She's still very affectionate and can play so nicely with Will (when she wants to-ha!)
We call her "Fia Deer" (pronounced Dea) for a reason!

Madeline has lost two baby teeth and also learned to ride a bike without training wheels. She also loves to swim with a life jacket and like tubing- even by herself!  She is still our most gregarious and isn't afraid to laugh at herself and be silly. It's hard to say for sure, but I think she plays with Will the most often one-on-one.
Silly, cute Madeline

Josie has lost two baby teeth too but it took her the longest. Josie surprised us and was the first one to learn to ride a bike without training wheels and was the first to swim to the raft at Lake Ojibway and jump off the dock. Last summer she was scared to ride a bike with training wheels and took nearly the whole summer to try. All of a sudden she became so brave! Josie, along with her sister, has taken an interest in Legos, but I would say she comes up with the most intricate designs (a car or home for a little lego animal).
Josie loved this kid!

Will is over 2 1/2 years old and loves playing with his sisters. He tries to find frogs with them but usually needs help. He has learned to hold them gently, though! Will definitely looks up to all three and can either be a really fun playmate or pain! Typical younger sibling. He wants to do everything they do- he even asks me to pull his tooth out! When we were shopping for school supplies he was in tears because he wanted a three ring binder too! Will is extremely verbal and has many of the same phrases as his sisters and he is obsessed with everything "big" and being "big". With how grown up Will acts, he refuses to sit on the potty. He may be in a diaper forever! No, I am letting him take his time but I'm ready when he is!
The joy of a two year old... Will :)
Summer time is running out, with kindergarten starting NEXT week! We have kindergarten open house on Thursday where we will know their teacher and class lists. We are planning to keep the together this year, much to their happiness. I'm not sure what Will and I will do without them but I know the girls are ready for school- and will love it. They loved preschool last year! I know it will take them awhile to adjust because they will be going to full-day kindergarten.

Here are some favorite pictures from this summer, starting with a couple from our spring Florida trip (close enough to summer!)
Easter in Pensacola! (S, M, J)
We don't need dresses on, we need swimsuits! 
Blue Angels!

Will adored being inside a jet (didn't love watching the loud air show)
Enjoying the ocean waves
 Valley Preschool had the cutest little graduation at the end of preschool! They marched from their little school house building to park where the ceremony was held. The teachers spoke about each child and it was fun hearing what they had to say!
Madeline, Sofia, Josie




Their cute outfits under the gowns

Here are some Long Lake, Island Lake, and Lake Ojibway pictures...

Odin is 7 now

Look, mom! (Madeline)

Will's first fish

Sofia's fish

Madeline's fish

Josie's fish

Big girls!

One day Will and daddy went off fishing and caught us dinner
Will watching a family friend's plane! 


Odin, the camera is this way!

We took the kids camping for the second time at the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. Lara and Charlie's family was supposed to come too but poor Dane was sick. Unlike two summers ago, we had beautiful, absolutely perfect weather. The weather is always hit or miss because of possible cool weather, but this year it was a hit! The water was refreshing but not too cold. Our only downside was loud neighbors and less than stellar fishing. 

It took us awhile to get there and unpacked, but the first feeling of the lake was monumental :)

Tent sleeping wasn't too bad!

Dan reeling in the one keeper of the trip (there was also a very strict size limit)

Dan surprised me with a paddle board for our anniversary! Nothing like the first test run on Lake Superior!

The kids and me 

"Bumpa" and the up some dinner

Grandma and the kids
 Here are some random pics lately...
We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary!

Out at the Guthrie to see The Music Man
Josie is so proud of this one!
Sofia biking!
Josie getting the hang of the bike
My cheerleaders during a track workout  (I'm training for a half-marathon in Ely this September) 

Big frog captured by the nature center

Big Truck day at the classic car show in North St. Paul

Will may not have caught this toad, but he sure is proud of it!
Frogs and toads for all!
Walking around Lake Harriet with Emily who came to visit from Boston!
At the Teddy Bear Park with Emily
Three sisters
The kids took a hot second to warm up to cousin Emily!
My cousin Emily on her last day in Minnesota
I heard about a place called "Fawn-Doe-Rosa" in St. Croix Falls, WI that I just had to bring the kids to. All the deer were hand raised and the kids could feed them by hand. They also had other farm animals and local wild animals in cages on the property that were fun to see too. The kids were all smiles the whole time and well worth the drive and entry fee!

Buck and Will


Will wants this goat for his birthday :)

Pure joy!

Love the arm around Josie!

The kids!
"Oregon Trail"!

Ok, bye then!

I know I've lost some credibility, but I'll try to update soon, especially to show off our first day of kindergarten pictures! Hope everyone is having/had a great summer! We are trying to squeeze in more fun this last week and a half!