Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

In case things get too hectic, here's a little Merry Christmas card from our family to yours!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't Mind if I do... Picture Happy!!

Today marks a year ago that we lost our little boy James. If I write too much I will break down (again) so I wanted to keep this short and sweet. We think about him always and will in the future. Dan and I toasted to him during a special dinner on what a great job he's doing watching over his sweet sisters.  OK, can't do this anymore, just wanted to share that it is the anniversary.

We got the one year photos back today! Sarah Swanson is an amazing photographer! When I can figure out how to work the slideshow gadget, you will be able to see the pictures...hopefully soon.

I hope everyone's having a smooth December. I'm realizing having their birthday in December puts more stress into the month! Luckily, despite the CRAZY storm during their birthday weekend, the party went on like planned. The recognition of baptism went pretty well. The girls didn't have to get doused with water (since they already were baptised a year ago), but we all stood in front of the church and had special candles and shawls. The pastor spoke to each girl individually. Sofia and Maddie both broke out crying when they were singled out, and Josie looked to be on the verge. After we sat down, the girls lasted another 20 minutes, but started to get noisy (happy sounds) so we took them out to the reception area. The party went well despite the crazy storm. Of course, we couldn't pick up the cake until the day of their party because Coldstone didn't open during the storm! And we also missed the Purdy's who couldn't drive from Duluth. Besides that, the girls had fun playing with all the guests and opening (well they kinda helped) presents. They tried the Coldstone ice cream cake but the cold ice cream did not go over well. Maybe they'll like ice cream this summer!

I have to write down a couple of things I've noticed lately, just so I have it on record and the girls can have fun reading this later...

~Madeline is very well mannered throughout the day, but a lot of time gets tired and cranky first at night- BUT a lot of times she copes by sucking her fingers and blankie (but sometimes, like TONIGHT, she does have a meltdown).
Happy Maddie!! Warms my heart!

~Josie's love of her daddy is growing more apparent every day! She crawls really fast when he comes in the room and freaks out when he leaves! Josie, please love me too! (Haha, I know she loves me, don't worry.)

Josie with her million dollar smile
~I have to say that Sofia is still the most social. I taught her to make her tongue go back and forth, making a noise, and she copied it to a tee. Madeline tried but got it all wrong and Josie just didn't care! She doesn't look very social in the pic below, but believe me!
Sofia waking up from a nap.

~We've been talking about teeth since the start of the summer and not ONE yet! But, I think Josie is getting one, for REAL!

~All three girls LOVE getting pushed in their new car when Dan or I push them, but, depending on their mood, start crying when one of the sisters pushes them! Sometimes they don't mind (as evident in that video a couple posts back).

That's all for now. Here are some more pics....

The Public Recognition of Baptism (l to R Josie, Sofia, Madeline)
Dan and I braved the storm for Stephanie and Pete's wedding (the storm last weekend that collapsed the Metrodome!) Beautiful wedding!
Cousin Peter is not used to so many babies around!
Playing with cousin Peter, top view. He does not win the most hair award.
I tried to get a good pic of them all standing but Sofia started to squat down too fast! (M, J, S)
Sofia and Josie just playing
Sofia is NOT so sure about Maddie pushing her

Yes, Odin really is that big (Sofia and Maddie)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sofia-Madeline-and Josephine, happy birthday to you!

They are officially one year old today! They were born at 3:15 in the afternoon on Wednesday the 9th last year. Read these two posts if you weren't reading the blog a year ago. What a bittersweet moment their birth was. Most births you only think of as sweet, but at 27 weeks we knew that we were in for a long NICU stay. We were hoping it would be uneventful but as you know we lost our boy James (and the three girls had their share of struggles). We are grateful for our girls' health but we miss James! He is doing a wonderful job looking over his sisters.

To celebrate we had a busy day! First, we had a visit from ECFE (they still come every month or so) and they told us they are developing wonderfully (it's OK to brag about them on their birthday). The other big event today was their one year physicals, complete with a round of shots (bleh!) Sofia weighed 15 lbs 3 oz, Josephine weighed 16 lbs 6 oz, and Madeline weighed 17 lbs 5 oz. I'm actually glad I got to ask the doctor all of my questions, but having their blood drawn (for thyroid and hemoglobin) and shots were NO fun!

Dan had a fun idea to post both of our baby pictures so you can all vote on whether the girls look more like me or Dan. Maybe they are the perfect combination of us!

     To celebrate today, we let them have some cake and played with them a ton.  The real party is on Sunday, when they'll be baptized again and then a birthday party after. The party will be pretty small, but I'm sure it'll be more than lively enough for them!

Playing with a new toy from grandma and grand
I have to post some fun cake pictures or it wouldn't be a birthday post...

First we have pre-cake and squeaky clean babies....
Then the cake was introduced!
Sofia's first tastes of the cake...
Josie's pretty wary...
Hmmm..what does Maddie think about this?

Sofia is full force now!
Josie warms up to the cake
Madeline does not care about getting dirty!

They had a nice little bath after that... haha! I feel exhausted after our busy day and we haven't even had the party yet! This is my life flashing before me with every December being a mad house! Girls, you should have waited until January! (Just kidding, but really.) Well I can't wait to go to bed, so off I go!