Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In the Swing of Fall

My blog posts are becoming quite sparse. I probably lost some of you, but here's what we've been up to lately...

It has been such a beautiful fall here in Minnesota! Not too warm or too cold and such great colors. Here are some fun fall pictures...
Our whole family
My "cow" petting a little cow at the pumpkin farm.
Sofia feeding a goat
Don't cook my Josie!
Sofia is a goat!!
My cute pumpkin Madeline
Will is pretty content in the witch's pot!
Picking out the perfect pumpkins with Grandma
They found the "ones"!
The girls are in the full swing of preschool and are loving it as much as ever. They go three mornings a week- up from 2 mornings a week last year. It seems like the teachers are having them do more than last year (working on "journals", for example). The teachers have said that Sofia has started participating more in the songs, doing the motions. The other two may be a little wary still.
      Recently, all three girls went in for their final NICU follow-up evaluation. They officially "graduated" from the NICU based on their scores! They went through several different sections to measure intelligence, from spatial reasoning, to verbal comprehension, etc. All three are considered average, which really is amazing considering how early they were.

First day of Preschool! (J, M, S) They chose their outfits :)
Taking babies out for a walk.

Beautiful fall walk in Roseville- we visited our daily walking spot from our old house. I told the girls about how we would go every night after dinner because it was the only thing to keep them happy as babies! (S, M, J)

Will has been acting like a two year old for awhile now. Everything is "mine" now and it's always something a sister has. He cracks us up on a daily basis, though. He still loves trucks, and now he has added dinosaurs to his favorites. Will can be found trying to play with his sisters- sometimes they want to include him, other times NOT!
Another "funny eyes" picture
Try tearing this kid away from trucks!
We are in the middle of a home improvement project at our house! Our carpet is ripped up in the dining room and living room and we already have wood flooring boards actually IN the house. We have more steps before Dan can start nailing down the boards, but we are underway! We are also painting in the living room. It's really going to freshen up the house.

I recently ran in another half-marathon- the Monster Dash in St. Paul. Some people dressed up in costumes, so I did lots of people watching! it was a fun, "fast" course (there were a couple more hills than I anticipated- haha!) I was a little too trigger happy with this one compared to the Garry Bjorklund half. The first 4-5 miles I kept up with the official 1:30 pacers (two runners who are pacing people to finish in a goal time of one hour, 30 min), but they were going quicker than their advertised 6:52 and I tired out! I really should've ran my own pace and then try to pick up the pace later. I ended up with a personal record (1:32:24) nonetheless! I don't have any races on the calendar at this point, but I won't be surprised if I sign up for a 5k or 10k sometime before snow comes. I hope to do another half in the spring and chip away at the ol' PR.

In the beginning of September, we all went to Dan's cousin Laura's wedding. Laura and Reid made a beautiful couple and we got to experience our first wedding with kids... It was a good wedding for a first since there was a lot of family and they were so kid-friendly! They even had a bouncy house to keep them entertained during the cocktail hour! I don't have any pictures of the bride and groom sadly, but here are some pics of the kids.
Sisterly love (M, S, J) at Laura and Reid's wedding!
Dapper Mr. Will
I didn't get any picture with everyone smiling, so here are two funny ones with Will doing his funny faces.
This is what Will does when we say "Do your funny eyes, Will!"
The girls found a corner and danced for a bit with Mary and Dave
Bumpa and his girls
I promise to update soon so I can show you the kids' costumes! The girls were super lucky this year because Great-grandma Peterson offered to make new ones- if you know my girls you can guess what they chose, haha! The girls have been counting down the days until Halloween. First, they get to have their Preschool party, then we head up north so the kids can trick-or-treat with Dane and Peter. Have a great Halloween everyone!