Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

Hope you all had a great Easter! We were up in Duluth again and had some good family time. I'm excited about May coming up because my brother Jon set a date for the premier of his film, "Josephine and the Roach" and I have a plane ticket to LA to attend! We were thinking of making it a whole family vacation but Dan wasn't sure whether he would need to travel for work around that time, so it's just me. Dan's mom is nice enough to watch the girls while Dan is at work.
A couple things I thought were worth mentioning...

*I felt like I made a breakthrough (*hopefully*) with reasoning. A couple nights ago Sofia was up crying. She has had a lot of nights like that lately, but this time I decided to reason with her. I gave her a hug and asked if she needed anything, like water. She stopped and thought, and said "water". I got her water, explained to her I would tuck her in again and she would sleep in her crib, and it was a success- she didn't cry again! It may be a fluke but it could be the girls are getting to that age!

*Josie's new thing she loves to do is picking out a mom, dad, and baby with toys/stuffed animals. It started out with a polar bear (mommy), panda bear (daddy), and little panda bear (baby). This morning she was looking at her fingers and pointed at her pinky and said "baby", then proceeded to point out who would be the mommy and daddy. Then she did the same thing with her toes. So darn cute!

*If you are a mom of multiples, you know what the typical comments are when you are out and about with the kids. Usually someone will say one or two stereotypical comments and you nod and smile or answer the same question for the millionth time. Last week I set a personal record with all the stereotypical comments at Target, but from ONE PERSON (the cashier). Ahhhhh! Let's see if I can remember all of her quotes...
"Are those triplets?"  (with this question if I don't feel like talking, I just say yes, but sometimes I explain that they were quads.)
"They are sooooo cute"  (I really don't mind this one!)
 "Are they identical?"
 "Are you really busy?"
 "You must have been really busy when they were babies"
"Who was born first?" (and second and third- I told her how Madeline and Josephine were basically born at the same time because of their cord entanglement and she said "WOW that must have really hurt!" ummm I had a C-section!)
"Do they all have different personalities?"
" Did you go to the doctor to try to have twins? Like, you know how some people go and try to have twins? With fertility?"  (OH MY goodness- people have to realize you shouldn't ask such personal questions to complete strangers! Not to mention most people who use fertility don't TRY to have multiples but there probably a few crazies out there.)
" Did you breastfeed them?" (Another personal question.)
"Have you ever heard of Octomom?"  (No, I live in a cave.)
"I really want twins, but I want one girl and one boy."  (Maybe you should go see that doctor you were talking about!)
     She was lucky I don't really care all that much with all the questions, but I know of other moms who might not have appreciated the questioning. The girls weren't fussing either, which would have made me a little more impatient. In general, the MOST common comment from the public is "You've got your hands full!"  If you encounter a mom of multiples, assume she has heard that and think of something different to say. :)

Here are some Easter pics and others.
Toddler craziness!
What did the Easter bunny bring?
Dan helping with a new bubble maker.
Madeline with her new cell phone (they get them younger and younger, don't they??)
There's Sofia!
Family picture on Easter (M, J, S)

Odin, this is karma for getting on the couch when you're not supposed to!