Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick Update

We've had a great week! They haven't been sick in awhile now (knock on wood!) There was no ECFE this week because all the teachers in MN have a conference (or something) so we headed to library story time instead. The girls had fun and did a little better sitting still for most of the stories and songs.

A couple cute new tidbits:
*Josie LOVES puzzles! She will sit and do one of our many puzzles and is very patient in getting it right. The other two would try for a second- if that- and move on. Just a little too busy!

Josie looking serious
*All three, but Sofia in particular are having fun with new words. Sofia has a little bit too much fun with the word "no". At times it's helpful though- like if I ask if they want peanut butter for lunch I'd rather Sofia tell me "no" than have her not eat the lunch!

 *The girls love to spin and get dizzy and dance to music. Watching them try to walk after spinning is hilarious. Why would you want to keep spinning after that!?

Madeline looking in the distance
Love this pic! They are chasing after Odin.
You want us to stand here and smile? Are you kidding me?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

22 Months!

 The girls are acting a lot older lately! They will copy words a lot more. They also point and say "dog", "duck/quack", etc; not enough to communicate when they really need to tell me something, though. Tantrums are still the main form of communication...oh, and "uh-uh-uh" while looking in my eyes willingly. I usually know what they want but they should TELL me!

ECFE (Early Child/Family Education) is going well! We've only had two classes and we haven't separated yet. The girls seemed more comfortable the second class so I hope it only gets better and better. The girls had an "art" project the last class which was the teacher painting their feet to get footprints on paper. All three cried during it- "Mommy, WHAT is happening to my feet?!" The class is every Wednesday- something to look forward to! 

A couple days ago, Madeline weighed in at 21 lbs, 5 1/2 oz. I am eating my words when I said Madeline has been the easiest. Lately, she is pretty needy and is definitely a mama's girl at the moment. All of the girls have gone through cold after cold, and Madeline always gets hit a lot harder. I attribute some of her moodiness/neediness to that. She also has a hot temper lately. She will bite objects or pull her own hair when she's worked up. When she's sweet, she's really sweet though. When she practices saying all of our names and comes to mommy, she'll say it so nicely and look at me with those big blue eyes. I just melt!
Peek-a-boo, Madeline!
Josie is great and weighs in at 20 lbs, 13 1/2 oz. She's catching up to Madeline! (She has been the best eater in the last week or two.) She can still get worked up with her tantrums but nothing worse than before. A cute, really new thing they've been doing is during story time. We read "Goodnight Moon" almost every night, and when Dan reads it he always asks "Where'd the mouse go? Where did it go?" (the mouse is in a different spot on all the room pages). Now, the girls say that on almost every page. Josie gets the most into it and uses her hands while asking. It is so cute! Dan and I love to take the girls on walks in the woods by our house and Josie is the most gung-ho. She is usually in front and can walk the longest without needing to be carried. She may be the cross country runner! (And all this time I thought that with her lungs being the weakest in the NICU that she may not.)
Josie looking extra pretty.
Josie getting ready to go down the slide

Sofia is doing well and weighs 19 lbs, 4 1/2 oz! I am pleased with her weight gain- the difference between her and her sisters is decreasing. With talking, she accentuates probably the best of all the sisters. You can really understand "where did it go?" Crazy! All of the girls love Elmo right now. All moms know you need a little help during certain times of the day (maybe not the supermoms, I don't know), especially getting dinner ready. I just put Sesame Street "On Demand" and they just light up! Sofia looks at me and giggles when she knows it's coming on.
Sofia is SO FAST the picture came out blurry! (Having fun at the park)

Sofia loves dolls lately!

Here is this past Sunday during a walk in the woods by our house. I love these woods and we are so lucky to have it close by. Yes, I am wearing a TANK TOP in October. I'm ready for real fall weather, Minnesota!
Daddy and Josie (in white) and Madeline.

Mommy and Sofia

Josie in the woods!
Sofia looks like she's strutting, not hiking. Ha!
What do you see, Madeline?

Here are a couple more random play/park/woods pics. Hope you don't mind!
OK, no more pics! You said we were going to the park!

We want to ride the horse! (Maddie in green, Sofia in blue)

They look so LITTLE on the path!
Group pics- a thing of the past.

Thanks for reading (if you made it this far)! Have a great week!