Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Preschool/Dan is 30!

There's no way it's almost October, is there?!
The girls survived their first couple weeks of Preschool. They only go two days a weeks, and now I'm wondering how you moms out there get your kids ready for school every single day!! I know some schools start pretty early, too! We don't need to be out the door until 8:40 and even that is hard.

The first official day was only an hour and a half and I stayed the whole time. After that, it was two and a half hours and complete drop-off. The first day was hard in terms of drop-off. The whole morning getting ready Sofia was saying she didn't want to go and all three of them kept begging me stay. That's hard on the momma! No actual tears during the drop-off though. At their school, a teacher comes and gets each kid from their car so I don't have to unload Will. Up until today, the girls had to be physically carried by the teacher one by one. Today they walked in willingly with the teacher. Progress!

I love the school they are at. Last week, the teachers sent home photos for each girl of their first week of school. Included were pics of them at play, reading, etc. There are so many fun extras at this school. Once a week there is a "mystery reader", where a family member comes in and reads the class a book. Before the reader is revealed, he or she answers questions and the kids guess who it is. I go in November!
First day of school for Josie, Madeline, and Sofia

RUNNING into school! (I stayed that day so they weren't scared)
On the steps at school (S, M, J)
Dan turned 30 this past weekend! We had a surprise party this past Friday and I totally fooled him! It's hard to get past this dude, but we did it! (I even printed out fake concert tickets!) I had a lot of help from Dan's parents, sister and brother. Thanks, everyone for making it happen! We rented an inflatable obstacle course, and the kids and big kids alike loved it! It definitely wore everyone out (which is great for the little kids!)
The kids had fun on the inflatable even before it was blown up!

View of the obstacle course (kinda a flashback of Tough Mudder!)
Dan when he first got to the party
The girls having fun

Peter and Dane racing in the obstacle course
Will and great-uncle Jimmy!
Enjoying the food
CAUGHT you, Josie!

Dan and me
Dan and one of his best buds, Pete
Overall the girls are doing well. A couple nights ago, Sofia pretended to be a doctor because Madeline got hurt. She was so serious about it- it was too cute. She also remembered that my knee was sore after a run, so she was putting band-aids on me and telling me I have to stay one night in the "hopspital". It was creeping into bedtime but I had too much fun watching them! The only bummer with their great playing is that they don't want to include Will or even let him get too close to them while playing. Obviously he's too young to feel bad about it, but it makes me a little sad! (It would also help me out if they entertained him... The major perk of multiples!) luckily, once in awhile they pretend Will is their baby.

"I'm a doctor!"
Diagnosing Madeline's emergency injury

Sister picture at Dodge Nature Center (S, J, M)
Madeline's first intentional drawing! It was a bird.
Hanging out on the pontoon at Long Lake

Picnic snack! (M, S, J)
Will is everywhere now- crawling, crawling, crawling. It's very interesting, because he skipped the whole "army" crawling thing and went straight to crawling. (The girls "army" crawling stage was pretty significant. )Will doesn't go up the big staircase right now, but he goes up the single step from the family room to the kitchen. It's hard to keep up with him and I am constantly taking small items away from him. It was much easier when the girls were babies in terms of small items. Half the girls' toys are really small and they are everywhere! I hope he survives!!!! He goes for this 9 month appointment early October so I will update then.

My big boy, Will
Will's not chubby at all.
A couple weeks ago I ran in the St. Olaf Cross Country Alumni Race in Northfield. It's the first time I have raced the annual event since I was a senior. It was really hot, but I did alright. Gosh, being on campus was very nostalgic! Oh, to be young again! ;)  We didn't know how easy we had it! It was great seeing old teammates again and I hope to be back next year to crush my course-best as a 30 year old!

Runner moms at the St. Olaf Alumni Race
Hope you all are well!