Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Three Years Old!

We recently celebrated the girls' third birthday! Around the time they were born there was a storm, there was a big storm on their 1st birthday (the Metrodome collapsed from all the snow), nothing last year, then another huge storm this year. Most of our family drove from Duluth before the storm, but some had to brave it! It was beautiful to look at, though. I think we got around one foot.
At our little (extended) family party, the girls did well this year- no meltdowns and no crying when we sang to them. Before we started presents, we noticed that they were awfully quiet in the sunroom. It turned out they had started opening presents without any of us there! Stinkers! We caught them early enough so they didn't get very far.

The girls had their 3 year check-up with the pediatrician. No vaccines this year! They are pretty darn healthy- especially for preemies- and nothing much to report besides weights...

*Sofia- 24.8 lbs and 34 1/2 inches tall. Her percentiles were: less than 5th and 5th
*Madeline- 26.6 lbs and 35 inches tall. Percentiles: 10th and 10th
*Josephine- 26.2 lbs and 35 inches tall. Percentiles 10th and 10th

The good part about Sofia's weight was that she was closer to the 5th percentile than before! Woohoo! They attempted to check hearing and sight but the girls weren't cooperative. I would not have imagined they would be, though!

Here are some "interview" videos: Sofia, Madeline, and Josephine. It would be fun to do this each year to get a taste of what they are into. It's so funny, because some of their answers would change from take to take. For instance, Sofia has never said her favorite color is blue (she gravitates towards orange and pink).

Here are some pictures... I included a bunch I took while trying to get a decent "3 year pic" for each girl. Then of course some party pics too. Oh, I am 37 weeks pregnant today and still doing well. I am so happy to reach 37 weeks because that is considered "full-term" (whereas some 36 weekers don't always automatically go home immediately). I could go any day now and he would be healthy (knock on wood- I'm not trying to be too confident!) We are really close to being all ready before he comes. I'll have to post some pics next time of our paint jobs!

Hope all is well!