Thursday, September 20, 2012

25 Weeks!

This is what I was doing at 25 weeks last pregnancy. Yikes, huh? I still feel good here at 25 weeks. And do you know what? Those prenatal appointments are so boring and fast! I was used to a big production every two weeks. Now it's in and out once a month! My next appointment, though, I have the 1 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes, which I'm really hoping to pass since I had GD last time.
    So many people say to me "Wow, this pregnancy must be such a breeze!" Technically, yes, it is easier in the fact that I am not worried about the babies' lives/health, easier on my body, don't look full term by 23-ish weeks, I don't have to move into the hospital at 25 weeks, or deliver at 27 (knock on wood). BUT, last time my only responsibility was eating and resting. Now I have responsibilities! Any second time mom knows this or first time moms who have a lot on their plate (school, work, etc). I'm sure I will be really exhausted when I get bigger.
25 Weeks
I know that I have to put some limits on what I do while pregnant even if it's "only" a singleton pregnancy. An example of overdoing it would be last week when I brought the girls on a walk around the wooded paved trail, which turned into a run down the non-paved trails in the woods (which normally I'm ALL for, being a runner). It's not easy to keep up with them while pulling an empty choo-choo and handling two dogs. At one point I had to leave Sofia and Madeline halfway up a hill in the woods to chase Josie who got way too far ahead. By the time I made it back, Sofia and Madeline were bawling because their mom ditched them in the woods!! After that walk at home, I was having pains or contractions in my tummy.

We are working on sleep habits here in the Klopp household. For this last month, Sofia has made her way into our bed on most nights OR one of us stays with her until she's sleeping again- which can take a long time. She also started to need me to fall asleep initially too. I know that I made it worse by caving in, but Dan and I decided we need good sleepers before the baby comes. The last couple nights have been better. I am not in the room and she hasn't slept in our bed. It was rough the first night, but we were diligent about putting her back in her bed when she came in our room. The one thing I said to her that finally seemed to work was that she could keep her dogs if she stayed in her bed and didn't cry. I love this new age where sometimes I can negotiate with them.

I think I say this each blog post, but the girls are talking more and more. I especially LOVE to listen in on their conversations with each other. At night we talk about what we did that day. They are getting better at recalling the day's events. I'm also starting to get funny quotes...
* When I was putting warm vests on all the girls. Josie did NOT want hers on, but I finally got it on her when she saw her sisters had them on too. Then she looked up and me and said "Where's mommy's life jacket?" Haha, no wonder she didn't want to wear it! We weren't even around water!
*This morning Josie said to Dan before he left for work, "Daddy don't take Josie's car. Take Daddy's car!" (There wasn't even talk of him taking my car or anything.)
*On seeing an old, rusty car: "Car dirty. Wash it!"
*After nap each day, I hear "Good morning!" I'm also starting to get "thank you" without reminding them!
I know there are others but that's all I can think of right now.

I mostly get stare-downs from Sofia.
Can I get a smile like this every time, Madeline?
The girls got popsicles a couple days ago because they spontaneously cleaned up their toys in the sunroom. I thought, "Hey, maybe they'll do this more often after such praise". BUT, no, it only taught them to try to work the system. Yesterday they "cleaned up"- not much at all- and they asked for popsicles since they cleaned up! Uhhhh, NO!
I have to post good smiling pics when I get them!
Quality cuddle time while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

During this bath, the girls' dolls were "going potty". The dolls were getting great praises and pretend gummy bears!
The girls got some great quality time with my brother Ben! He's in town for positions at hospitals as he is in his last year of residency in Portland. (He might be in the twin cities, maybe Duluth- either way, Yay!) The girls kept calling him "Uncle Jon" or "Uncle Andy"since they see those two more and have the same hair color. I was happy that the girls felt comfortable with him once they knew he wasn't a stranger. They loved jumping on him and feeding him grass and sticks. (Sorry 'bout that, Ben!)
Uncle Ben
The girls and uncle Ben!

All for now! Hope you all have a great weekend.