Wednesday, May 8, 2013

4+ Months

Life is busy as ever in the Klopp household! Will is just a big, happy baby and the girls don't even seem like toddlers to me anymore. What do we call the next age group- preschool-age? Speaking of preschool, the girls are all signed-up for the fall. They will go to a preschool in nearby Stillwater. They will have two full years there before kindergarten. It's a really cute place and hopefully it will be a good fit. The girls are still doing well with Will, but this past week has been a challenge with some kind of cough/cold thing going through the family. It's one of those illnesses where your kid isn't super obviously sick (low grade fever, no throwing up, etc) but so crabby because they just don't feel great. Will got the bug too but wasn't fussy with it.

OK, these dresses are not usually "our" style, but I had to get them! Three girls in their three favorite colors! (M, S, J)
Sofia, Madeline, Josie
Will was baptized a couple of weeks ago. It could not have gone better. My brother Andy and his wife Aimee were the sponsers/Godparents at the ceremony. Will just smiled through the ceremony then zonked out in my arms after. We were up front of course, and the girls sat through the whole church service! I almost think we need to always be up front because I think they were a little too nervous to start acting rambunctious. Will was handsome in his baptismal outfit, which is what his daddy wore (and all the other boys in his family/extended family).

Proud daddy with Will
No tears!
Uncle Andy lighting the baptismal candle

My family!
With the Godparents (uncle Andy and aunt Aimee)

Grandparents (Dan's side) with all their grandchildren! (How come Lara got the photogenic kids? Where are my girls' smiles?!)

Great-grandma Peterson with all her great-grandchildren!
Will at his after-party

The girls helped open Will's presents...

I brought Will to his 4 month appointment this past Monday. He was 16 lbs 7 oz (75th percentile) and 25 1/4" long (50th percentile). His head was the 75th percentile. We have one short, chubby boy! It's not fair to compare him to the girls, but I have to do it anyway... Josie was around the same weight at her 12 month appointment! (Sofia was a pound less, Madeline a pound more.) OH boy! Nothing about this baby is like my others! Except being cute. At the appointment, the only issue discussed is his eczema. The pediatrician literally said "Well, he's perfect! I got nothing!" I am going to try a different cream for his skin and if it doesn't get better I might have to try cutting out dairy (I eat SO much cheese- ahh!)

William James looking cute!
Already big enough to do a little swinging!

Early Mother's Day pic with all my beautiful children! (J, S, M)