Friday, April 4, 2014

15 Months

Will is already over 15 months and he checked out well at yesterday's check-up. I had to fill out a development questionnaire and I didn't even know whether he could spoon feed himself, color, or problem solve (like dumping out a toy from a container to get at it), so I tested him once we got home. He is actually great at spoon feeding himself and problem solving! It's so funny I hadn't even given him the chance yet. I forget so quickly from when the girls were young. I also never thought to give him a crayon yet, but I guess my baby is growing up. Sniff, sniff. Will also has a lot of words, including dad, mama, sisters, dog, car, ball, fish, byebye, and uh-oh.
Will only gained 3 ounces from his 12 month appointment. He now weighs 22 lbs 8 oz and is at the 45 percentile for weight. He grew over an inch but is still at the 5th percentile (29 1/2 inches). His head is HUGE at 95th percentile! I guess he isn't exactly proportioned haha!
Will, 15 months
Hey, Will!
This is a typical Will expression!
The girls have two swim classes each under their belts. Sofia is still the fish, Josie is getting braver, and Madeline is still very timid; not wanting to do certain exercises and very clingy. I hope she makes improvements throughout the session- I'm sure she will.
Our beautiful children (S, W, M, J)
A cousin "slumber party" (movie night) from a couple weeks ago. FROZEN!!
This is a video from today... He was trying to not so subtly tell me he wanted to GO somewhere! (In case you can't tell, he's saying "car" a bunch and "bye".)

Last Sunday was the perfect opportunity to try out the new bikes! (S, M, J.. Josie has a new bike too, she just wasn't ready to try it yet)
Hope everyone has survived the crazy weather- I hear of some friends getting tornadoes down south while us northerners were bombarded with MORE snow. Luckily the girls had a blast in it this morning and no doubt it will melt quickly when I see the upcoming forecast. :)