Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer Wrap-up

Since my last post, we have been doing more of the same, meaning cabins. I took the kids to Lake Ojibway once while Dan was traveling and then we made the trip again with Dan. Another weekend, all three of my brothers were in Duluth so we had a mini Langager reunion. Jon lives in LA and Andy and Aimee are in Iowa, so we took advantage. Over Labor Day, we enjoyed Long Lake again, but I forgot my camera! I hope to add a post soon with pictures from Lara.
Langager family reunion!
The girls at an overlook
Grandpa helping Josie ring the peace bell at Enger
Madeline and Grandma at the top of Enger Tower. Beautiful view!
Will and me

Aunt Aimee and Josie!
Uncles and Will
Will picked out the perfect rock for Jon
The kids at Brighton Beach
Uncle Jon is too cool for swim trunks
Uncle Jon and Will having a heart-to-heart
The Klopp family on a hike 
The girls have so much at all the cabins we go to. They just love playing in the woods and they don't need any help entertaining themselves. Will tries his best to tag along.

On one of our many walks at the Ojibway cabin. Odin was in heaven!

Canoeing with Uncle Ben and Grandpa

Another boat ride!
I was sneaky getting this picture of Josie.

Grandpa is probably showing the girls wildflowers 
Dan and Will at Section 12 lake
The girls went fishing for the first time. It was mostly a lesson on patience! (here is Madeline)

Sofia was pretty excited to fish!

Will fishing.

When Will is diaper-less, he likes to pull his pants off his butt so he can scratch it! I'm blaming it on the eczema. 

Madeline's fishing rod caught a nice bass! 

Odin greeting the fishers

Showing off the bass and northern (J, M, S)

Madeline's bass

Another family pic at Lake Ojibway

Dan's cousin, Laura is getting married this week in town and we're so excited to celebrate! All of the kids are going to be so adorable all dressed up. This will be the first wedding for my kids. I am also signed up to run the St. Olaf alumni race again this Saturday. I should have better weather than last year.

Hope you all had a great summer- it's not over yet since we're getting beautiful weather still. Here are some more random pics!
Dan and me on our 7 year anniversary
Special moment of Josie and Will. Usually Josie does anything to avoid getting her picture taken, so I love that she's looking and kind of smiling!
This dragonfly was either injured or sick because it walked on our hands and never flew away...
Mr. Will