Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Support My Bro!

My brother, Jon, is here visiting from LA. He has his script and idea all set for his thesis film for USC Graduate Film School (talk about prestigious if you are in the film industry!) He's making a stop motion animation film and he even named a character after one of my girls! It's called Josephine and the Roach. Go watch the promo and spare a buck or two if you think it looks interesting! Any donations are due Sept 11 or he doesn't get a cent (I guess that's how the site works). There are rewards if you donate certain amounts (ranging from drawings to DVDs to keeping the actual puppet from the movie). Click Here!

I'll update soon with more pics of the girls! They are all doing very well right now. It's exciting here in the Klopp household. Jon is here 'till Sunday and soon my grandma and cousin are coming! Exciting!

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  1. Oh my goodness! They are so beautiful and getting so big! So glad to hear that they are doing so well!