Wednesday, May 11, 2011

17 Months Already?

I've been so busy the last week and a half (and before that getting ready to move and the FL trip!) Like I said in the previous post, I had a lot of family in town too. Jon was the last to leave yesterday. The girls are adjusted to the new house. They have so much space inside and out.
House view from the back (photo by brother Andy)

The girls on move-in day, exploring the upstairs (Sofia, Maddie, Josie)

Odin and the girls enjoying the backyard
The move itself was very tiring, and I didn't even do much heavy lifting. We had lots of help from family and friends, so THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN! Our old house is almost ready for our tenant to move in (oh, we signed someone for rent-to-own- woohoo!!) June 1st.
We promised the old owners that the girls would become concert pianists someday (they left their grand piano in exchange for one month's rent- one sweet deal) (M, S, J)

Our favorite room in the house is the sunroom- a 4 season porch. We also love the sport court in our backyard. We  have some summer play toys outside already- the school bus slide, the cozy coupe car, and a swing that attaches to a tree branch. The girls like the toys but love exploring...which is why we need a fence ASAP! They are constantly either going to the neighbor's driveway or towards the street. They aren't good enough at listening so I'm always chasing after them and bringing them back to our safe yard area. What a workout! 
Grandpa showing the girls a book of themselves! (J, M, S)
Madeline and Sofia checking out the school bus slide

Our family! (Dan has Josie and Sofia, I have Maddie) (photo by Andy)
My whole family! (photo by Andy)
My mom, me, and the girls (S, M, J) on Mother's Day (photo by Andy)

Yesterday the girls went to the NICU follow-up clinic. It's an exhausting couple hours for mom/grandparents and toddlers alike. The assessment is hit or miss depending on the girls' moods. I was worried about the stranger-danger but all the girls eventually felt comfortable. There were three therapists and one guardian per toddler. I was with Madeline and she was off-and-on cooperative. At different points during the session, she would just have enough and would try to arch off my lap. She was just getting antsy and frustrated!  Anyways, this is how they did.

Cognitive: 15 month level
Motor (fine and gross): 14 and 13 month levels
Language (expressive and receptive): 8 and 14 month levels

I really don't think the language is an accurate portrayal because Sofia is making the most effort at home to talk. My mom said she was really quiet the whole session.
  Lately, Sofia has been such a ham and clown! She seems to devour attention and does things to attract. She just cracks us up! We also noticed that for the last month or so she has been the most adaptable and "easy"...going with the swing of things more so than the other two. We need at least one of them to be like that! When all three girls get a minor bump, a lot of times there are no tears but they will need a hug from me or Dan. It is so cute!
Pretty Sofia (photo by Andy)
Cognitive: 14 month level
Motor (fine and gross): 14 and 15 month levels
Language (expressive and receptive): 12 and 14 month levels

Madeline still has the most stranger-danger and is quite sensitive. With that, though, comes a very compassionate and empathetic girl! When her sisters get hurt and/or cry she is sad with them and brings them their blanky/dog. What a sweetie.
   The last two days, Madeline has a problem walking on the hard floor- carpet is fine, but the tile and kitchen floor aren't. I have no idea what's going on with her. I really hope this goes away... I don't know if she has a pain or if she developed a fear randomly.
Beautiful Madeline (photo by Andy)
Cognitive: 16 month level
Motor (fine and gross): 16 and 15 month levels
Language (expressive and receptive): 12 and 14 month levels

Josie is a daddy's girl currently and loves to cuddle in general. She takes a while to grow accustomed to things. It took 4 baths for her to be alright with the new house's tub. She also refuses to walk on the sport court! Maybe it feels funny to walk on? Who knows!
    Josie's smile still melts anyone's heart.
Gorgeous but messy Josie! (photo by brother Andy)
In my opinion, the girls are pretty even with their development compared to each other. One walks first, another talks more, and another can do fine motor better. Then they switch up on me! All in all, everyone is pleased with their development: Dan and I, and the therapists and the neonatologist that reviewed with us. They are still below their actual age growth curve (under 3rd percentile except their heads are on the curve). The girls go back to the follow-up when they are 2 years old, and they will no longer be compared to their adjusted age, but rather their real age. The follow-up clinic was also helpful to me to get new ideas on what we can do together!

A couple nights ago, Dan got tickets to the MN Twin's game from work. They were awesome seats in the Champions Club! I don't know if we'll ever have such good seats again but it was great. Free food and drinks and we got to sat behind home plate (6 rows up). Too bad they lost by 8.... oh well, it was worth it!
I think that is all I wanted to update you all on. It's been awhile so sorry it was a long post!


  1. The girls are gorgeous. The house looks wonderful. What a fantastic backyard although, without the fence, I am sure you are getting more than enough exercise. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  2. Oh, I am a new follower of your blog and oh, your girls are just beautifu;! I have a 7.5 month old and, so many friends and my BLM friends are pregnant and I am having baby fever again. ah, and I dont know why but its been on my mind, i so so so badly would LOVE to have twins or mutliples one day. Yes, I know I am sure its NO easy task, but I have had so much experience with little ones and lots of them together as well, its my dream now!

    Anyways, beautiful blog! glad girls are doing well. Is there an email I can shoot you? I had a question about something :)

  3. Just checking in, the girls are doing AWESOME!!! Your new home looks amazing!!