Wednesday, June 8, 2011

18 Months (TOMORROW!)

Wow, crazy! 18 months is typically a big milestone for development. I'm not expecting them to be quite equal to a full-term 18 month old, but we're getting there. Now that the girls are basically running, I need to hear more words!
This past weekend we had our two reunions- NICU and St. Olaf 5 year. The NICU one was really fun...there was a 3k walk in the morning, then the actual reunion, which was under the Grandstand at the MN State Fair fairgrounds. It included St. Paul and Minneapolis Children's NICUs, so it was packed. I couldn't believe how many people were there! We met a couple other families with higher order multiples, including quints! We also met a family I have known through our very similar stories (Mary and her quads. They were born at 27 weeks and lost one also) It was so great to finally meet her and her family!
   The St. Olaf reunion was fun also. I went for the day with the girls and Dan stayed over. We saw some good friends (I'm sure I missed a lot of friends because there were too many people there to know who all was there!) I didn't get good pics of either reunion because we were just too busy chasing our girls! They were running every which way! Exhausting!

Sofia's little run is super cute. She twists her body and it seems like she can't quite go as fast as she wants. Her legs are getting there!  Right now, Sofia is a little sick. Not sure if it's a virus or possibly heat illness from yesterday. It's really only a fever and lethargy. Her temp was 103 last night and 103.4 this morning. After ibuprofen her temp came down and her spirits were a little higher- actually playing a little. We'll see how she is after her morning nap. This really is the first fever of the girls- impressive we made it this far!
Sofia is feeling better after her nap!
Madeline is doing really well! I'm not sure if I blogged about this already, but Madeline is the best at communicating with me. Well, just along the lines of FOOD. She actually signs "more" to me! I've been half-working on it for a couple months (just in a relaxed way).  An impressive example is after they have eaten, sometimes Dan and I eat dinner while they are playing. They all usually beg by whining, but the other day Madeline actually signed "more", so I HAD to give her some of my dinner.
Madeline giving me a pretty smile!
Josie is great too. Depending on her mood, she'll walk on the sport court, but not always! I never would have thought that'd be something to get used to. She is still the least picky eater and the biggest daddy's girl.
Josie is always photogenic!
    A couple days ago I blew up a little kiddie pool since it was so hot (yesterday Minneapolis was the hottest city in the COUNTRY- what?!?!)  Josie surprised me and was open to trying it out right away. It was cold water from the hose, so she was surprised at first, but she was happy in the pool! She was the first one in! Sofia enjoyed it right away too, but Madeline was watching from a distance for a while. When I put Madeline in she freaked out, but it helped that I sat with her in my lap in the pool. By the end, Madeline liked the pool the most.
Did we hear there was a POOL outside? (Doesn't it even look hot from the picture? So bright out!)

Josie and Sofia are very interested, but Madeline wants to keep her distance!
Josie on left, Sofia on right enjoying the pool
Madeline: "Hmmmm I just don't know about this"
 The girls splashing in the pool! (Madeline is on the left kicking her legs, Josie on the right, and Sofia is the one who is standing up.)

The girls love all thing shoes. They love playing with their shoes, and they love taking adult shoes and carrying them around. I thought it'd be funny for them to try on one of my shoes. They thought it was hilarious and if it fell off, they would bring it back to me to put it back on. They couldn't be more TODDLER!! :)
The shoes fit really well, right Sofia?
Madeline loves mommy's shoes!
Josie with mommy's shoe!

The girls have their 18 month appointment in a couple of weeks. I will be interested what they will weigh. This weekend our plan is to go to a friend's cabin unless the girls are sick. Hope you all have a good rest of the week!

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