Saturday, September 17, 2011

Duluth is a Cool City

This weekend is the opener for bird hunting, so of course my husband had to provide for his family and bring us home some healthy meat! I went along for the ride to Duluth to hang out even though my parents and Dan's parents are all out of the country (mine in England, Dan's in Canada). Lara and her boys were around in the morning so all of the cousins got to play. This afternoon I brought the girls to the Lakewalk and Canal Park- touristy but wonderful! The girls squealed just looking at the huge lake..then they were even more excited with all the seagulls. Seagulls are no longer annoying when you see them through the eyes of a toddler! Oh, and we saw trains twice, and a huge ship go through the canal (from afar), complete with the ship and bridge horns. SO Duluth! Makes me miss the city so much.
Josie and Madeline right by the Aerial Lift Bridge in Canal Park
Sofia and Mama!!
Mama and her girls (thanks, kind stranger for taking the pic).
Madeline on the rocky pebble beach. It's even colder than it looks!
Josie with Lake Superior in the background. LOVE this lake (and look at the ship!)
What do you see, Sofia?

I also wanted to share some new tidbits...
 *Of course, Dan and I shower the girls with kisses all the time, and finally they are kissing back! Sofia and Josie lean with a closed mouth (not puckered or anything), but Madeline leans in with her mouth WIDE open and her tongue hanging out!! No thank you!!!
* They learned how to wave a long time ago, but weren't interested in doing it much until. It started when one time a truck came down the street and I announced it, and when it was out of view, I said "byebye truck. All gone." Sofia would wave and look at me. Now, she waves byebye at the most random times, like when we see a squirrel and then it becomes out of view, she'll wave. She'll wave bye or hi to trucks/cars a lot too. It is so darn cute!
*Josie has become a lot more aggressive lately and stealing almost more than Sofia! Madeline has been pretty permissive and less likely to fight for an object. I still have to say that Maddie is still the "easiest".
*The girls are in FULL BLOWN getting names for things. Plus, they bring me books to read constantly. They used to just page through by themselves and refuse to let me read aloud to them, but now they sit and listen to stories! Or they just have me name everything in books or in real life. Their word for when they point and wait for a response is  "dit". I'm excited, for when they tell ME what things are! Let's get talking (more)!
The best they could do for a group photo today. Way too busy for the camera! (J, S, M)

Well, Dan will be home any minute with some greasy Vietnamese food including the best egg rolls ever. We'll save the healthy game food for later. All for now!

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  1. Your girls are so adorable! I have to agree about Duluth. My husband and I took our honeymoon there almost exactly 5 years ago and I would love to go back for a second honeymoon someday.