Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Countdown to Christmas!... here is our Christmas card this year.

Hope everyone is having a great week leading up to Christmas! Tomorrow, Dan and I get to see some friends from college, and Saturday we head up to Duluth for the week! The girls are doing great- they have little colds but just a runny nose thing.
    The two year appointment was fine. The doctor said Sofia's weight gain was getting better. She weighs 19 lbs 8 oz and is 32 inches tall. She made the growth curve for her REAL age for height (not so much her weight)! Her head is 45 percentile for her real age too (they have all been on the growth curve for their head sizes every appointment so far).
  Madeline is 22 lbs 6 oz and is close to 32 inches tall (which is hard to get accurately anyway- I think they're the same height).
  Josie is 21 lbs 2 oz and also close to 32 inches tall. Both Josie and Madeline had similar sized heads to Sofia. Nice big brains! The doctor thought the girls were developmentally on track- similar to other 2 year olds. We don't have to return for another year. (Let's not come back for illnesses, OK, girls?)

Have a very Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays!


  1. they are beautiful! merry christmas to you all@!

  2. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog today (from a link from another quad mom's blog), and because it is veeery slow at work today, I have ended up reading most of it from 2009 - the present. I have found it very compelling. Your girls are beautiful, of course, but I think the main reason I kept reading and reading was YOUR voice. So fresh, pleasant, optimistic, humorous, positive. Through your high-risk pregnancy, the death of your son, your girls' long stays in the NICU, and the (I am sure) hectic life of caring for three babies/toddlers at the same time, you pretty much never complained about anything but always sounded grounded, kind and not overwhelmed at all. So I guess I just want to say that I admire you, and I enjoyed your blog very much. Your girls are lucky to have such a mom! (And hopefully, you don't find this long babbling comment from a complete stranger totally creepy!)

  3. Teej,
    Thank you so much for reading/writing! I love to hear such great feedback! Makes me feel that I'm doing an alright job. Yes, I do try to sound pretty positive all the time. Back in the NICU days, saying all the positive things actually helped me feel better about everything going on. I definitely had negative feelings but concentrated on the happy things. Thanks so much- it was a day brightener to read your comment for sure!