Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Wednesday was the early meal with my parents and brother Andy and sister-in-law Aimee. It was held at my house but I didn't have to do any of the cooking! Not a bad deal at all! The girls LOVE turkey and pumpkin pie. (If they didn't love pumpkin pie I would question whether they are really mine...) Thursday morning we drove up to Duluth for Dan's side of the family's meal. This get-together included a lot more people and the girls ate well again. We are not a "Black Friday" family, so the day after Thanksgiving we hunted down our Christmas tree. Dan is a perfectionist so our tree is pretty nice. It's not up yet and I'm hoping it fits in our house!

Duluth actually got a good snowfall while we were there and the girls had an absolute blast playing in it. I was so happy because last year they were always less than thrilled in their snowsuits trying to maneuver  around. The biggest bummer with winter-time fun is getting them all ready to go play outside. Especially with me being not too agile with my belly. It's totally worth it to get some fresh air, though.

I'm 35 weeks today and feeling just fine. I just had another appointment a couple of days ago but I didn't learn anything new. Regular prenatal appointments are boring (in a good way). I'm big enough now where it's not easy to get off the floor but I'm still up and down all the time. The girls take no pity on me! I am still lucky with pregnancy being good to me. I'm not even sure if it's hitting me how close I am. The painting is done in the nursery so the girls' room is up next. Hopefully this weekend we can finish since it would be nice to finish before their 3rd birthday on December 9th.

Nap is so hit-or-miss right now! I HAVE to be in the room if I want them to fall asleep and lately it takes about 45 min or longer for them to all fall asleep. Then, they'll sleep for too long and will have a big party at night until 9 or 10. They seem to be on the cusp of how much sleep they need and it seems like I have to choose: a break during the day or an earlier bedtime. If they skip a nap I still need a break, but they get into total mischief if I leave them alone in their room for "quiet time". (Clothes/nap diapers off, mattresses off the cribs, making a total mess with toys and clothes.)

Tidbits of the girls...

-Lately, they have been asking about all their toys and books and who bought them. It's good practice for me to remember, but the funniest one was when they asked who bought them! Ummm, isn't it too early to be asking these kinds of questions!? Haha!

-They totally are into Santa, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, etc. I'm pretty sure if we go meet Santa again we'll have the same reaction as last year, however (all-out bawling?) It's fun to relive being excited about Santa coming and just the magic of Christmas again. It's so different as a parent, but so fun!

-One time I couldn't find one of their favorite books at bedtime. Dan was at the cabin hunting so I told them that daddy took it to the cabin because he wanted to read it at night (Dr. Seuess' The Thinks You Can Think). It's pretty humorous picturing Dan reading it at night in bed with a flashlight. So now, any time we can't find something they think daddy took it to the cabin or to work. Oooops!

Blogger told me that I ran out of room for photos. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or really true, but here is a link to Flickr to show the pictures I was going to include.

This is all for now... have a great rest of the week, everyone!


  1. Hey Martha! Can't believe you're 35 weeks already! My blogger recently told me I'm out of photo room too... did you know there is a way to use flikr, facebook, etc. and get your photos to appear in your blog still? That's what I'm trying now because I'm avoiding paying for storage. :)

  2. I think it's happening to everyone with a blog, just add another contributor (in settings) and start posting under that one, I just used my other email address. You'll be good for another couple years before you have to add another contributor : )

  3. For some reason, I can always tell which triplet is Sofia, but I can't differentiate between Madeline and Josie. They're all such cuties, anyway. Do they understand about the baby on the way? Happy holidays!

  4. I was just told the end of November I ran out of room for pictures too. I am not sure if I want to pay to post them either. Not that it's much, but I already store them on my other photo website.