Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Belated Easter

I need to get up some Easter pics because this is basically my scrapbook! Easter this year was a "winter" one for us. We celebrated in Duluth and it snowed, of course. Last year, the kids were outside for the Easter egg hunt in long sleeves! This year the hunt was inside. It's funny- all the cousins played on their grandparent's deck while it snowed and it reminded me of this past Thanksgiving. Who would have known it would snow on Thanksgiving AND Easter. It's been a long winter (and it's not even over yet!)
What did the Easter Bunny bring us??

Josie examining her chocolate bunny

Great-Grandma Peterson with all of her great-grandchildren

Our little big family (S, J, M)
Great-Grandma with her newest great-grandson Will
Lara, Charlie, Peter, and Dane

Sisters! (Josie, Madeline, Sofia)
About to star the Easter Egg Hunt!

Madeline was pretty good at finding those eggs!


This a short post because I have a big Florida one to post!

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