Monday, August 26, 2013


Ahhh, where has the time gone! It's just about Labor Day! We have been thoroughly enjoying August... Will, still our sweetie, is close to 8 months old, and the girls are getting ready for Preschool to start. We went to the Teacher Meet and Greet last week, and this week we have a family picnic for school. The first day will be September 9th. My babies!

By the wild flower garden at the nature center (J, S, W, M)
Love!!!! (J, M, S)

Cheese! (M, S, J)
Two guys with the BEST smiles!

I was brave enough to bring all the kids to the MN zoo all by myself! Not as bad as I thought. Here are the girls (S, M, J) in front of the moose exhibit. Madeline's favorite!
Dan had to travel for the first time for his new job. He was gone for close to a week so the crew and I trekked to my parents cabin outside of Ely. We had pleasant weather so I got a lot of swimming and running in! The girls played house most of the time- one of them is the baby, one the little girl, and one the mommy. They switch up the roles. They do like to go on boat rides too. My parents have a little motor boat and we got out at an island per their request and they loved it!
Will and his momma!

Playing house in a kayak
We went berry picking twice while at the cabin and Madeline stayed the longest. Here she is enjoying the rewards of her efforts.
Grandma's efforts

Will happy to be at the cabin.
Story time with grandma

Last week my brother Jon and his girlfriend, Jenna arrived in Minnesota so we got to spend time with them. (Jenna is "Josephine" from Josephine and the Roach.) I think it was a little surreal for the girls to meet Josephine/Jenna. They were too shy to talk to her but when she wasn't in the room, they would say "Where'd the other Josie go?"

This past weekend Lara, Charlie and their boys came for a fun day at Como Town plus they babysat so Dan and I could go to a good friend's wedding celebration. Busy but fun! The girls are pretty scared to go on rides, but Madeline was the most brave, just as I would have called a couple years ago. Hopefully she will go on roller coasters with Dan later on (I am a chicken so Dan needs someone to go with him). We have a chance Will will like roller coasters too. Dane and Peter loved the rides and probably would like to be tall enough for ALL of them!
The girls at a princess birthday party for their friend Isabella. Isabella has older identical triplet sisters. I think we were the rarest table in the metro area. :)
My lil' runners!

All dressed up for my friend Stephanie's baby shower! He is so handsome!
Here's a video to show you the kind of awful moods of Will that I have to deal with. *SARCASM*
Dane is such a good big cousin!

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