Wednesday, September 2, 2009

13 Weeks and the Belly Bump is Here!

Hello everyone!

The 13 week mark was yesterday (Tuesday), so that means I'm officially in the second trimester! Since we go to the doctor so often it seems like I should be further along, but I'm happy where I am! Also, over just a couple of days this past week my belly has "popped"! Ok, so strangers are not going to assume I'm pregnant or ask when I'm due, but it is noticeable to people who know me! Here's proof. The first pic is at almost 10 weeks and the second one is almost 13 weeks. Dan and I thought I had a noticeable baby bump at 10 weeks!

Symptoms I've had are just tiredness, achy lower back at times, and a stretching pain over my stomach (from the uterus expanding I guess?). I'm really lucky I haven't had the morning sickness or anything too unpleasant yet. I have to savour this point of the pregnancy because I have a feeling my tummy will enlarge at an exponential rate! I'm officially done with my seasonal job at Linders which means I won't be on my feet as much (draining). Now I'll have extra time to do whatever I want- relax, read, etc before the madness comes!

My next appointment is this coming Wednesday. The two week wait in-between appointments is a little nerve wracking. Are they all still doing well and growing? Are the monos staying out of each others' cords? We just have to wait! Ahh! The next appointment includes another ultrasound and genetic counseling. We have pretty clean family health records so I'm not too worried!

I had to include this video of Odin from awhile ago (sorry for the shaky camerawork). It doesn't really do justice to his actual lion stalking capabilities. Usually he gets low and moves each leg really slowly so he doesn't make a peep. He's a funny dog...


  1. Oohhh such a cuti... YIIIIAAAA!!!!!

  2. Hello!

    Just thought I'd write you a quick note to let you know that you'll be in my thoughts and prayers...I came over from Britt (Meyer) Watts' blog (she's my sis-in-law). Anyway...I'm sure this is a very exciting and scary time all mixed together...and I know for a fact that you can't have too many prayers! I look forward to reading all about your journey and getting all of those babies here safe and sound :) Take care and thanks for sharing your journey!

    Ali Feldman

    P.S. You look great for 13 weeks considering you have 4 babies in there...I only had two my second time around and I think I was bigger than you at 13 weeks!

  3. Hi! My name is Alison (a friend of Bre Olson's) and we have triplets! (2 identical and 1 fraternal) Congrats on your babies!!! Leah, one of our daughters, also had a marginal insertion (and a 2 vessle cord), and everything ended up to be just fine! I'm here if you ever need another mom of higher order multiples to talk to! I'm also part of the moms of multiples group, which includes lots of triplet, quad and quint moms. If you'd ever like support from other quad+ moms, let me know and I can connect you! Continued prayers throughout your pregnancy!