Wednesday, September 9, 2009

B stands for Boy!

I had another ultrasound/check-up today! Only our baby B would kindly show off his parts (hard to get a good enough views for the others). Baby B is still the biggest and he has been the most photogenic through every ultrasound! I love in the pic of B that you can see his vertebrae and other bones- a new development.

Baby A is giving us yet one more problem. Usually a baby's cord will have 3 vessels- one vein and two arteries, but sometimes a baby will only have 2 vessels. 15 out of 100 of babies with 2 vessels end up having bad growth problems, so the odds are still in our favor. This new problem is on top of the bad insertion too! The good news is that Baby A is still growing at the same rate as before so there's no evidence of problems yet :)

C and D are both growing just as they should. Stay out of trouble you two! Here is my 14 week belly picture. I look a little bigger than the 13 week one.

We saw a different doctor today. He seemed pleased with how the "five of us" are working harmoniously. Starting at 24 weeks we have to watch C and D more carefully because of possible cord problems. We also have to just wait and see how baby A grows... come on buddy!

We saw a genetic counselor, because with multiples it is standard procedure. She said we're young with good family history so she doesn't see a need to order extra tests to look for genetic problems. I figured that would be what we'd hear from her!

Some sad news we heard today was that one of the partners in this physician group passed away a week ago. This man, Dr. Burrus, is a doctor that I noticed right away when I knew I was coming to the MN Perinatal Physicians because I saw on the website that his area of special interest was mono-mono twins. The death happened totally out of the blue- he was hit by a car. The tech said that this guy is one of those guys that could change your life. This news hit both Dan and I pretty hard considering we've never met him. Keep his family in your prayers...

On a lighter note, Dan and I joined my parents for a long weekend at my cabin, which is 20 min east of Ely right outside the BWCA. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, especially considering Ely (along with all of MN) had a cooler summer. The water was perfect for swimming and it remained sunny. My mom was the only one with luck in fishing, catching a nice Northern. Luckily Dan is an expert at cleaning fish since Northerns are notoriously tricky in de-boning. Watching this video makes me miss being up there! Look how beautiful! The video of Odin proves he'll never be a "dock dog" but he is getting better than before when he would have to run to find water that is shallow. He is an amazingly fast swimmer!

My next appointment is 9/23- another routine checkup and ultrasound (getting so spoiled that I get to see them so often!) We should know the sexes of the other three at that apt!

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  1. oh glad to hear things are going well. Thoughts and prayers are with you guys! And what's with those little little one showed us PLENTY of times during my ultrasound that he is a boy....haha must be a boy thing :)