Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Lives Lately

I haven't updated for awhile! The girls and life are great. The daily routine seems to get easier than before. In fact, I just put Sofia and Madeline in their cribs fully awake and told them it was nap and they both fell asleep in just a couple of minutes with no crying! Josie fell asleep in the swing- might have to stop relying on the swing soon, though.

Madeline falls asleep sitting up and this is how she ends up. Wish I had that flexibility!
 I was in Duluth for more than a week with the girls. This past weekend we were at the Peterson cabin on Long Lake to celebrate Great-grandma Peterson's 75 birthday. It was fun to spend time with the family! Lara, Charlie, Dane, and Peter made another long car trip out to Minnesota from Detroit so that made it extra special! Little Big Peter is almost 5 months and doing so much more now! Dane is as cute as ever and a ball of energy! I wish I took pics at the cabin with the cousins but next time.

Sofia made the switch to full time "real" crawling! Goodbye army crawling! Not sure if I wrote this before, but she is the most eager to eat baby food out of all the girls. She looks like a little bird opening her mouth for the spoon. So cute! Sofia may have the best balance right now- sometimes she can stand alone for a couple seconds! For all we know she could walk first!
Sofia is so proud of herself helping Grandpa feed Josie!
Madeline is the most likely to fall asleep by herself (no rocking). It makes life easier when I'm by myself at home. (Sofia is doing this more and more too.)
Madeline. We really have to be careful with what we put in their reach now!
Josie is still crawling all over the place but now she has caught up to her sisters in the babbling department. It's so cute to watch her practice! They just can't get enough of their own voices making the new sounds. Josie also has a new facial expression where she crinkles up her nose and smiles- it is so stinking adorable! I'll have to get a pic of it when I can.
Josie! Usually the first thing strangers comment on is their eye color... I have to agree the color is beautiful!!

The girls as a whole are just so much fun (no lie!) They love to travel in packs and it's not uncommon for all three to crawl on me at once! Sometimes it's hard to get up off the floor with all the clingers! You can tell they like to be together rather than alone. I'm already seeing the perks of having multiples: keeping each other entertained!
L to R: Josie, Sofia, Madeline

The girls in their Wintergreen winter suits from their Grandma (Klopp). If you're from MN you know Wintergreen. L to R: Josie, Sofia, Madeline. We meant to take a picture at the cabin in their Wintergreens with Peter in his, but we didn't get around to it. :(
I can't wait to put up pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes. You won't believe the cuteness! It'll be fun to walk around the neighborhood with their costumes on. 

My brother Jon came in from LA last night so he'll be coming over with my parents for the next couple of days! Woo-hoo! Hope everyone has a good week!

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