Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Are Getting BIG!

In less than a week, the babies will be TEN months old! (So, 7 months adjusted.) Duluth was a good time and Dan was successful hunting. The girls and I went on a lot of walks with my parents- the lake walk and around the neighborhood. The weather was beautiful and so were the leaves. Who doesn't love fall colors?  Look at this group shot after a walk- they are looking eerily alike lately, especially with those hats on (thanks again, Amy, the hats are so pretty)! OK, guess who is who below (no fair if you know based on color choices!)

Dan demonstrates holding all three...this is right before our evening walk in the heart of witching hour. (They look happy to be held though!)

The girls are everywhere now. They crawl on each other, try to get Odin's bone, and crawl to come find me when I leave the room. Busy bodies! Below is the baby chaos with Odin. (Madeline is crawling on Josie, and Sofia is looking at the camera.)

The girls are just in awe of Odin. They like to pull on his fur, feel his paws, and watch his every move. He is beyond patient but obviously we supervise. The main problem is sometimes he knocks one over by accident. We try to prevent that as much as possible.

Madeline is getting better at crawling on all fours and she pulls herself up to at least a half-standing position. If something is at the perfect height for her, she stands all the way up. In this picture she is blowing raspberries, one of her new favorite sounds.

Sofia is starting to creep a lot! Once she realized she could army crawl, she learned pretty fast! She has a slightly different style than the other two. Madeline and Josie use one arm more than the other, but Sofia uses both. She also figured out how to get in the sitting position by herself. Yay! Sofia seems to be taking off now in the physical department. Sofia is coming to find Dan and I in the kitchen below.

Josie is as cute as can be and can get in the best mood when she wants to! She makes silly sounds and loves to get in her laughing fits. She made the "witching" hour more bearable last night by staying pleasant, but she kept us up last night again. Josie had been doing better the last couple weeks EXCEPT the last two nights. Here she is below, looking so pretty!

Even as a mother of three girls, I'm not really into the girly-girl things like princess themes and big bows, but I put this cute barrette in Sofia's hair just for fun. I have to admit, it looked so adorable on her!

But then I realized that there's a reason why I won't be really using them for a while still- Madeline spotted it and had to have it! The barrette lasted under five minutes. Watching multiples is hysterical and very unique!

Here's a picture of Josie after she pulled herself on my lap.

I just thought I'd add a video to show what Sofia is like when she's giddy. Too cute!

On a more serious note, I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming winter. I know I've said this before, but our girls are very vulnerable to illnesses even though they look incredibly healthy. I was just talking to a triplet mom of 27 weekers on a forum and she told me how one of her girls got pneumonia last Thanksgiving (over a year old). Her girl had to be hospitalized for three days, one of which she was on a vent. This girl was otherwise very healthy. I do not want this happening to one of my girls! I am terrified but we will basically quarantine them (like the doctors have been recommending anyway). Because of this reminder, I also made up my mind that I need to keep up the pumping at least until Feb/March to give them the best chance to avoid sickness. Here's to new-found motivation! (I needed it!) Everyone remember to be careful when you're sick with any baby! I know most of you need no reminder :)  .

Too bad tomorrow is Monday, but have the best work week you can! Thanks for reading!



  1. Are Sofia and Madeline the identicals? Honestly, if I didn't know that they weren't all identical, I'd think they were-- they are so hard to tell apart! Gorgeous girls!

    Hopefully you have an uneventful winter in the health department. I volunteer in the NICU and know how vulnerable preemie immune systems can be. Quarantine and people super careful as to who comes in contact with the girls sounds kind of crazy, but really is the best thing you can do for them at this point.

  2. your girls are absolutely beautiful! and yes, getting so big. i love seeing the pics of them crawling around. what wonderful miracles they are.