Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Have a Daredevil!

I hope everyone's surviving winter! I think all my relatives out east are getting bombarded by some big snow storms today. We feel your pain! Luckily, Minnesota has been quiet this week- on the warm side actually (in the teens).
MN winter walks- all bundled up!
 Our Madeline is proving herself to be a little daredevil lately. I had to add a couple of pics and a movie to show you what she's been up to. Right after I took the picture and movie with her on the purple car, she had a huge cry fest. Why? Not because she fell, but because I took her off and she was having too much fun! She makes me a little nervous! We've also noticed Madeline is getting in a lot more cranky moods and it's probably because of an impending tooth. We're waiting, Maddie!!

I found Madeline standing like this when I got into the living room...Must watch her constantly! She was sad when I took her off!
Sorry the movie is a little dark...but you get the gist.
Madeline as Evel Knevil! Worry warts look away!
 Why is everyone always picking on me? (Madeline laying down, Sofia in pink, Josie in purple)

Josephine is such a sweetheart lately. With her tooth halfway up she is definitely a lot happier than before the tooth. Josie is the opposite of Madeline- she is a little bit of a scaredy cat. When we put her up on the couch to look out the window, she grabs on to the couch like she's holding on to dear life. She just needs time to get used to new things. She also is a lot more hesitant to stand alone too.
Josie so kindly providing entertainment to her sisters.
 Sofia is still a bit of a bully- which it's not too fair to say because she obviously doesn't have bad intentions. I wonder if she'll always be like that- a big personality trapped in a tiny body. She's getting better with not spitting out food. We just noticed this past weekend that she is sprouting a little tooth! It's an upper tooth, though (unlike Josie's)!I guess it's not as common to start with an upper tooth, but who says any of these girls are common?
This is dark- but it's more for the sound, so it doesn't matter. It's of Sofia during her last bottle of the day- usually when all the girls are basically sleep feeding!
Sofia after a berry sneeze.
 Speaking of meal times, it's fun concocting up new meals for them. The other night I pureed pork, brown rice, and green beans...but it was NOT a hit! So what do I do? Add banana. I know, it's probably not good to start a habit like this, but I will just keep introducing the offending foods until they don't need a banana to go along with it. At least I can get them to eat it one way or another.

So I've been thinking to myself how comfortable I am with our routine- and how "easy" it is to take care of them (I don't really mean easy because it's not like I'm taking them out grocery shopping or flying with them), but I'm realizing that there will be changes coming up. Right now, I still puree a majority of their food and they still take 3 bottles a day. I'm scared for the day that they feed themselves their whole meal- how do you know they'll eat enough? Not to mention the mess! We've also been working on sippy cups but they do not drink much out of them yet. They understand how to drink from them but they have never taken a substantial amount. By March I would like to be done with bottles but it's hard to know whether they'll drink enough. Also, it's hard to know when they'll be ready for one long nap a day instead of two. I'm shooting to go to one nap by March, which is their adjusted age of one year. So confusing. I like the way things are right now! I guess,  in past stages I had the same sort of worries about stuff I figured out since. It just works out!

The girls love looking out the window. (L to R Josie, Sofia, Madeline)


  1. Hi Martha and Dan -

    The girls are delightful and I love catching up on them with your blog. You do a terrific job on the blog! Happy One Year Birthday - alittle late! I didn't get to vote in the poll on who the babies look like - but my vote is for the Langager side - ask your dad about to see photos of your Grandpa Doug's sisters and brother's when they were babies - they have that same turned down mouth and big soulful eyes as the generation in those photos! Everytime I see pictures of the girls I am reminded of the Langagers! So that is my two cents! Have a good one - will be thinking of you all this weekend too - Love, Mary Kaufmann

  2. We went to straw sippy cups at a year when they switched to milk, and the amount of milk they drank didn't necessarily matter. That said, they still consumed a fair amount of milk, enough that I was never worried.

    With finger foods, I would start now giving them something before the meal. Gerber puffs, cheerio type cereals, toast fingers - little bits to nibble on. As you see their coordination grow, you can start doing more of those foods. My girls loved this stage. And it's nice not to have to feed them every piece of food!