Monday, January 24, 2011

13 1/2 Months!

I have to say, Happy Birthday, Grandma (my mom)!!

Hello everyone! The Klopp household is still bustling and having fun!! Can you believe the girls will be 14 months on February 9th? We are getting close to the anniversary of coming home from the hospital, too! The girls are great- nothing to really report, but here's what I came up with...

Sofia is getting at least another tooth on top of the one she already has! She is practicing standing up without pulling on anything and still takes a step once in awhile. I don't know how long this stage is until they finally walk, but it's fun to watch! 
Sofia making a funny face- I make this face too!
Madeline is getting her first tooth finally! She stands up without pulling up like Sofia. It's the funniest thing- they usually stand up during "naked baby time" at night before their last bottle, but not as often during the day. "Naked baby time" is notoriously HYPER time, I really should video tape it- it's so entertaining.
Madeline! (You're missing a sock!)

Josephine has been extra pleasant and may be getting another tooth as well (so teething is not a huge deal around here). She hasn't tried to stand up yet but that's the timid side of her. She is probably just too happy crawling around. 
Josie and her cute self.
(S, J, M) trying to get a picture of them all standing is tough (and I'm cheating with using the couch as a support)
S, M, J love hanging out together!
Uncle Jon is teaching them to be child prodigies at the piano (J is white, S in pink)
 I love, love, LOVE this video of Josie babbling. What do you think she's trying to tell me?? Isn't her voice impressive too considering she has/had a paralyzed vocal cord?  What a cutie pie! Have a great week!

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  1. I LOVE the photo of everyone sort of standing/sort of balancing at the couch. They are getting big so fast!