Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16

   I'm back into the swing of things after being away for the weekend! It was my FIRST night(s) away from the babies since they came home from the hospital. I missed them terribly, but I got a chance to meet my good friend, Leah's, new baby, Elsa. I couldn't believe how little Elsa was (she's about 8 lbs) and that our babies were 3 lbs smaller when they first came home! Leah and Mike's other daughter, Anna, is going to be 2 in April, and she was so much fun. When ours are her age, watch out! When I came home Sunday night, I rushed back to see the girls before they went to sleep (thanks, Marie, for the ride!) I got huge smiles and I couldn't help not crying! Thanks again, to Dan's parents who helped out this past weekend- both with babysitting when Dan was at work, and for helping us redo our basement.

Sofia is really turning into a little toddler. It just seems that she is a lot more engaged with us. I've noticed this with the others, but when Sofia burps she laughs about it! We have also noticed that she seems to tease the others by handing over a toy to a sister, but then yanking it back and laughing. Stinker! :) She is still the most social and doesn't shy away from new people as much as the other two. I can't remember whether I wrote this already, but Sofia is also turning into more of a daddy's girl than before. (She used to be pretty clingy to me.) One more tidbit is that she "adopted" two little stuffed dogs to be her "loveys". The other two like the blankies we gave them a while back but Sofia waited around for the dogs!

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Sofia's favorite animal is the dog (and I love that she has one hand on her sippy!)

Sofia just standing there!
Madeline is getting braver with taking more steps. She seems really proud of herself when she is able to keep her balance and practice walking. Lately, I've been showing them how to color with a crayon and seeing if they will try too. Madeline was the first to make the color motion over the paper with a crayon in hand! The other two would try to taste the crayon the first couple of times I tried this activity. Maddie has the strongest stranger anxiety right now...sometimes she will start crying even if a stranger just looks at her or talks to her. She is still the biggest and is getting close to 20 lbs! We're going to switch to convertible seats really soon.
Madeline to Sofia "Move over, I'm coming in!"
Josephine is finally willing to try walking too! She is still hesitant and almost forgets how to step with her left foot, even though she does fine behind a walker. Lately, she is the momma's girl and clings to me when she gets tired or moody. Yesterday, the Roseville ECFE people came by again and Madeline and Josie kept their distance in the beginning. They just sat in the hallway and watched until they felt comfortable enough to join. It was really typical but so cute to see them just watch us! The ECFE people said the girls are still doing well, and they are going to come one more time before the plan ends.

Josie in the shelf- all the girls love to be in shelves, boxes, etc!

Josie standing with Sofia's dog
I did a "photo shoot" for a Valentine's picture... I learned that group shots are a thing of the past. I finally put them in this laundry basket to contain them instead of sitting them on the couch (L to R:  M,S,J).

Looking out the window (closest to farthest: J, S, M)
Edited: Dan found a great deal on tickets so we are now flying...a whole new scare- anyone out there with advice for flying with multiple 1 year olds? 
  Well, hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I love the photo of the girls in the laundry basket! And I love their "Pebbles" do. Shelby has the same hairdo these days, at least when I take the time to put it up. Wow, you're brave attempting a road trip!

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