Friday, February 4, 2011

We Have Proof!

The girls have been working on taking steps for a while now. I never realized how long of a process it is. They have been taking a couple steps here and there since late December/early January. I always thought Sofia would be the best because her balance is the best, and I'm right! The record steps is probably about 10 by Sofia, but of course it's impossible to catch that on tape. Here's the best evidence so far that we do have beginner walkers! It's pretty obvious, but this is during "Naked Baby Time". Go Sofia, Go!

I'm about to take the girls out to an endocrinologist appointment when they wake up from their nap all by myself! Talk about scary! It's not really the logistics of it all, it's more that they have stranger danger so they will all want me to hold them. Mama only has two arms. We'll see...maybe they'll warm up to the doctor. I plan to bring the huge Runabout stroller since I figured how to fit it in the car (without disassembling it!)

I've been thinking about all the changes that will be happening soon (goal is by their due date March 9).... only one nap a day, no more bottles/formula, no more pureed food... It seems like we're really transitioning into TODDLERHOOD. We've already cut out most of the spoon feeding except one meal of Greek yogurt/fruit/cereal mostly because Sofia and Josie were becoming more difficult with my concoctions. Now for dinner it is all finger food! They're definitely not perfect with finger foods though and it's a little disheartening- I'm always wondering if they're eating enough. They do NOT like meat (I think it's still too hard to gum up- I don't think they mind the flavor), Madeline won't touch cubed squash, and they all try to cram as much food in their mouth as possible. It's a little nerve wracking because of the possibility of choking, but I've learned to put food on the tray gradually, not all at once. Anyways, we are so close to having toddlers... once they start walking around more I guess we can finally call them toddlers. That is so crazy to me!

Hope everyone is coping with winter- sounds like crazy storms everywhere but here..and St. Augustine, Florida, where my LUCKY parents are! Say "hello and miss you" to the ocean for me :(  

OK, here are some of the latest pictures!
Beautiful girl, Sofia!
Madeline's typical smile!
Josephine :)
Sofia and Madeline- I didn't put either in the car- I just found them like this!
Just had to add this picture of Sofia to show off her BIG front tooth!

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  1. I just LOVE that you have Naked Baby Time! Sam has always enjoyed naked baby time. Now that he's two, he has days where he says, "Today I will be naked forEVER!" Clothes are so overrated when you're two. :)

    Thanks for all of the updates. I love checking in on your family and seeing how the girls are growing and developing. They're adorable!