Monday, April 4, 2011

Almost 16 Months!

The closing went smoothly... we move in on the 30th (the owners are renting from us this month until they can move into their new place) but we can start moving our things in right away. The weekend of the 30th will be crazy, though! Hopefully, someone will be moving into our house that same weekend.

I brought the girls to Baby and Me Storytime at the Roseville library. I have been thinking about going for awhile, but they recently had a cold that I didn't want to spread. I was also nervous about how they would act in this new surrounding WHILE missing their morning nap. (Quick side story showing how they can be unpredictable with being scared. In the tub we thought it would be fun to blow some bubbles to show them. They all kinda just looked for a second, then all started bawling. They were so scared of the bubbles! Who would have thought? Plus they take awhile to warm up to strangers.)
Well, it was a hit! The girls weren't scared and had fun playing with toys and other toddlers. Sofia left my side first, followed by Josie. Madeline was pretty much within a couple feet from me up until the end when she finally ventured farther away. The WHOLE circle/story time, Josie was across the circle hanging out with another toddler and mom! I was so surprised! It was so great for ALL of us to get out of the house! I think this will definitely become a regular for us.

Madeline all smiles!
Josie's BIG smile! (blurry)
Sofia deciding whether to let Madeline in their room.
Maddie, Josie, Sofia looking out the door window!
OK, those two look identical in that picture :)   (J on left, S on right)
All playing so nicely! (L to R Madeline, Josie, Sofia)
Have a good week everyone. We are counting down the days until Florida and the move. Hope time doesn't go by too fast though because we aren't ready for either!!

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  1. Cute outfits... Good luck with the move, hope everything goes smooth.

    The McCleary Quads