Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring in MN! (?)

If you are a true Minnesotan (especially being from Duluth), you know that official "spring" doesn't mean it will feel like spring. The past several days have been quite chilly, but lately, it has at least been clear and sunny. The sun is strong enough where we are getting good snow meltage even if it's still only 30 degrees. Gradually it's supposed to warm up to  40's (average) this week. Nice! I can't wait until all we have to do to go out is GO OUT! No jackets, hats, mittens, etc.

My dad's birthday is today! Happy Birthday, Grandpa! The girls do NOT do group pictures barely ever anymore. This is the best they could do today.
"We LOVE taking group pictures!!"
(L to R Josie, Sofia, Madeline)

One development is I'm pretty sure the girls know who is who.  If Sofia is paying attention to me while I ask "where is Josie?" (or Madeline) she points to the right sister! Plus, she points to herself when I ask "where's Sofia?" Or when I say to them, look at so-and-so, they will look to the right sister.

The girls still aren't great with drinking cow's milk. I don't think it's the type of sippy- and it isn't really the taste...they just take some sips and are satisfied. Hmm. They are off and on good eaters besides that.
Josie just reading her book!

Sofia is trying to tell me something.

Dan has been working hard on the basement (and his brother Pete did a lot this weekend too!). The finishing touches are almost done, but the main room is all carpeted and painted. We brought the girls down there to romp around and they had so much fun! Josie especially was beside herself with spunk and energy. She was practicing walking, but wanted to run so badly! She would resort to crawling just because it was faster! What a great way to burn off some energy...

Speaking of the housing situation, we close on our new house on Thursday! We won't be moving in until the end of April, but it'll be nice to know it's official! Ahhhh! This was just a quick update. Nothing too much to report. Have a good week!

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  1. Wow the girls are getting so big. Good luck with the house.