Friday, July 15, 2011

Rest in Peace, Great-Grandpa Al

The summer is half over! Why does the summer fly by too quickly? We are all doing really well except early this past Wednesday Dan's grandfather, Al passed away. He was 96 years old. I'm glad the girls got to meet him. The whole family is at peace with it because he hasn't been doing well the last couple of years, but a passing is always sad. This is Dan's first grandparent that has passed away.
November 2010. The girls met their great-grandpa Klopp.

Last weekend was busy. We went to our friends' housewarming and then we provided the house for Dan' uncle's 50th birthday party. It's nice having the party come to us!
Sofia (? I'm honestly not 100% sure it's her but based on size, that's my guess) helping uncle Dave open birthday presents!
Josephine, Sofia, and Madeline. They love picking flowers!
Hi Sofia!
Sisters! (S, J, M)

We will be heading up to Duluth Saturday or Sunday for the funeral on Monday. Hopefully you all have a great weekend!  The video below is from the cabin over 4th of July. I had to post it because it is just too cute of Sofia and Madeline.


  1. got to see Dan at the kay-keltz wedding a few days ago!

  2. Your girls are so adorable!

  3. All your posts and pics make me miss MN soo much! They girls look absolutely beautiful! I hope your family is having a wonderful summer!