Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Biting, Tantrums, and Climbing, Oh my!

We are hitting the terrible twos a little early! All three of them will get really steaming mad when things don't go their way. They will screech, roll around and fling out of my arms, bite, and hit! Usually, they will swat at the floor or an object, but sometimes it's me or a sister. This behavior isn't out of control or anything, I'm just surprised they are this old now! On the other hand, they still bring each other their blankies and they even blow kisses when I show them how.
Josie's arm with Sofia's bite marks.

Sofia probably has the hottest temper of all. When I tell her to stop hitting or biting she will listen to me. Sofia has used the potty (on purpose) a couple times. She will smile when she's done and you can tell she loves the praise. I know we are far away from potty training but it's good to know that she understands a little bit aleady.
How does this sweet face have such a hot temper?? (Sofia)

Madeline is doing well. She is our biggest climber of the three, and she is very determined about it! I have even caught her on the top of our computer desk (and taking her down provokes a tantrum, of course!) Also, I bet all the girls know this, but when I ask where Madeline is, she points to herself! Before the girls would just look around a little confused.
Mom, I need these shoes on! (Madeline)

Josephine is doing really well with open cups and utensils. I don't give them the utensils at every meal or anything, just once in awhile. She got the concept pretty quickly. Sofia and Maddie are working on it too and are getting better every time.
The boxes that toys come in are always more exciting than the toys themselves. (Josie)

Now that Lara and Charlie live in Minnesota, we see them a lot more often! Just last week, they stayed a couple nights since Charlie had to work in the cities. We took the kids to the zoo one of the mornings. (Oh, and apparently we are one of the exhibits. That triple stroller attracts more attention than the gorillas!) I had to include a picture of our car- we fit all the kids in! Nice!
All the cousins in the Yukon!

Dane and the gorilla!
We are not an exhibit!
Hey, Peter!
We will be in Duluth for another wedding (we had one last weekend too). Yay for Blake and Joy! Congrats! Hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. The terrible twos... our hit that about the same time as your going through it now, and its not over yet. Ours are now at 2yrs 4months. We went through the whole biting stage, which has mostly stopped now since they are talking more and more. They still will throw things, bang their head on the floor or wall and or push and shove, but now we are getting into the taddling stage... where they will tell on their brothers or sister.