Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Little Toddlers

The girls have been little characters lately. Usually very happy but also getting more stubborn. They are usually easily distracted though!

We've been going to Story Time at the library again. Last week, they sat like little angels (until towards the end when their attention span got the best of them). This week they wouldn't let me hold the book to read along and were up and about most of the time. Who knows! Good thing it's practically expected for this age group to act like that. It's really great talking with other moms though and the play time after is fun for them. 

If these pictures don't make you smile, I don't know what will....

Group photo....?
That's a little better! (J, S, M)

Josie just relaxing and smiling away!

LOVE this picture of Madeline!

Sofia looking more and more grown up. So pretty!

Just try to resist Josie's smile!
If I look away, it is not uncommon to find Madeline on the dining table! Look how happy she is!
My good friend, Marie, has been giving me hand-me-downs (really really cute I have to add). One item was this winter jacket. I had Sofia try it one and now whenever she sees it she wants it on! Doesn't she look proud?
Popcorn feast! The video is SOLELY of them eating popcorn, nothing too exciting. It's just cute to see how into it they all are!

The feast! (S, M, J)

It can't be all done, it just CAN'T!
Sofia signing more popcorn!

He's a good dog...
Dan and I at the latest wedding in Duluth. What breathtaking views of Lake Superior! Congrats to Blake and Joy!!!

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