Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grandpa Peterson

Those of you who don't know what has been going on in my life probably expected to see some Florida pictures. We did not make it to Florida, and for a very sad reason. Dan's grandpa who just turned 80 passed away last Wednesday. Before that he was in the ICU for over a week because of a severe staph infection. The family brought him to the hospital initially because he was in a lot of pain. They sent him home with muscle relaxers. Well, he ended up going back because he wasn't himself and they found the staph- and it really had taken over his body. He had very little chance against this awful bacteria.

80 doesn't sound very young to some people, but Grandpa Peterson (Jim) was a VERY sprightly and active guy. A couple days before the hospital admission, he was lifting weights at a gym. Only a couple of weeks earlier, he and Grandma Peterson (Sue) were in Vegas going to shows! He was still going to the cabin, snowmobiling and fishing. The family is still shocked by this rapid illness. I can kind of compare it to what happened to my uncle Steve who was hit biking by a drunk driver- a maddening fluke.

The funeral was this past Saturday. This man was loved by so many people- the church filled up quickly so some had to stand. Some of the family members shared some lovely memories and tidbits about his personality. There was no chance I could make it without crying- even before our little James was mentioned twice during the service. The girls were in the nursery and had a fun time playing with the new (to them) toys. After, they ran around like crazy people making their mom nervous. (They can navigate through crowds WAY faster than me- not good.) People were quite entertained by them. One tidbit that I need to share- when my sister-in-law and her family were on their way to Grandma Peterson's house after he passed away to see family, 3 1/2 yr old Dane asked his mom, "Are people going to be sad there?" She said, "Yes they will be." He answered, "I'm not! He's fixed now and happy!" Sometimes the littlest ones have the best insight!

Family was the most important aspect of Grandpa Jim Peterson's life. He made it to all the sports games/meets, and other activities. I know he was at a handful of football games when Dan played at St. Olaf. (He was actually IN his deer stand on a morning of one of Dan's football games, when he changed his mind and drove all the way to Northfield instead of hunting.) He made everyone feel loved- and since I lost one grandpa before I was born and the other at age 4, it was nice to have him in my life for almost 9 years. He is the ultimate grandfather you would picture in your head. His other passions included sports (he was a phys ed teacher and football player), fishing (small lakes, Lake Superior, and Florida), hunting (deer and birds, etc),  the cabin (snowmobiling and boating), and I'm sure many more. A lesson all of us have learned is to live life to its fullest.

Here are a couple of pics...
Great-Grandpa Jim with his favorite great-granddaughters.
Florida, 2011

I don't have too many updates right now, but here are a couple that stand out (plus some more pics).

*They are very good at telling us "Nigh-night! Love you!" every night. Melts my heart.
*They are working on singing the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, and the Wheels on the Bus. They know a couple key words here and there but kind of mumble most of it. It's so cute! 
*They are way more comfortable at ECFE! They run around and talk as much as they do at home. Everyone was so shocked to see it but I just told them "This is what they're like at home!" Now they know the chaos.
* They got to see 2 puppies being born! The first time I have seen it too! I'll include some grainy pictures from my iPod. 
*Sadly, everyone is getting a little more strong willed, from Sofia believing she can take any toy no matter who has it and throwing tantrums when I say no, to Josie hoarding a pile of toys and screeching at anyone who gets too close (including me), to Madeline who needs a moose (or dad), like, NOW! PS, do most 2 yr olds differentiate between deer, elk, and moose? They have to be Dan's kids!
*Almost forgot- Sofia is having surgery in one week for a bilateral inguinal hernia repair! She has had a surgery under way more precarious conditions, so we know she will be fine, but surgery is surgery. It's outpatient and the surgeon said most kids are like themselves the next day. Have her in your thoughts!
Puppy! (Sofia)

All the cousins with puppies! Too precious!
All the cousins in one picture. Hard task to do.
Their first snowman! (more like Snowtoddler... L to R Maddie, Sofia, Josie)
Sofia loved the snowtoddler the most.

Sister love! (S and J)

Josie thinks she's pretty cool holding her blankie with an OVEN MITT on!
Madeline could NOT be happier on Dad's shoulders!
Josie's telling us with her eyes, "Don't you dare come near my toys!"
The duck obsession is not limited to Sofia (pictured). Also caught in the picture- the classic Sofia expression that she does with her lips/mouth. She is usually unsure of a situation when she does this.
(sorry you have to turn your neck for this video- still worth it)

Since we canceled our trip to Florida, we have 5 plane tickets that we can transfer. We are thinking of either Scottsdale (and use my late uncle's condo) or LA in May to see my brother's premier. Not sure if LA would be ideal with tots but we'll decide 
Hope everyone's doing well. I think our family is due to have some happy streaks now.


  1. Hi, I've been following this blog for a while and love it! I notice your family lives in MN. My husband just got an offer from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and we're moving this summer. Its cross country from us. I've never been to MN and would love to know how your family copes with three toddlers during the MN winters, or really anything about your state. Are there twins clubs? What do you think of your state? Would you ever do a post on that? Pretty please? I also read one other blog about twins from MN, which I think I originally linked to through yours.(twin girls who have German relatives?) Im going to ask her too. Anyway, Just thought it was worth a try. Thanks, even if you dont end up having time :) Marie fiveindulgences.blogspot.com

    1. Marie,
      Could you send me your email? I would love to tell you about MN! My address is mjklopp@gmail.com

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