Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday! Sofia did really well with the surgery this past Tuesday. The surgeon repaired two inguinal hernias. (On the side we first noticed, he described the hernia as "large" and the other side was "moderate".) We had to arrive at the hospital at 9:15 am and the surgery started just before 10:45. I thought not letting her eat breakfast would have been hard but we distracted her enough it didn't matter. The pre-op waiting room had the best toys! Only one of us between Dan and I could be with her in the OR while she was put under, so Dan let me go. They let her bring a lovey in also- which of course for Sofia was the duck. She just breathed in gas for 45 seconds or so (crying the whole time) and she was gone! What a weird thing to watch. The surgery lasted 20 minutes and then we spent an hour and a half after that letting her wake up and cuddling her. She was so tired! Right away when she woke up she was so MAD, yelling "NO!" when we offered her juice or tried to hold her. She especially hated that she had an IV in, so the nurse took it out. (She did NOT even want a band aid.) After some lullabies and Elmo, she was finally cooling off and the first thing she said was "Where's the duck?"
Sofia loving puddles.
Totally worn out!

The rest of the day, she was in a pretty good mood! Total, I only gave her two doses of ibuprofen. When her sisters woke up from their afternoon nap, they all went outside. She ran around like normal and had a blast jumping in puddles. The surgeon had told me I did not need to restrict her at all. We were just amazed how little the surgery affected her. Of course, after the outside time it was starting to hit her just how tired she was. She dozed off while watching Curious George, but her sisters woke her up in time for dinner.

Dan and I are pretty sure we feel a hernia on Josephine also. We haven't brought her in for a consult yet but I'm guessing we will within the next couple of months just so we catch it while it's still small.

The girls lately are testing so many limits with regards to listening and fighting. They get in more spats than before and are still not listening well. I brought them to library story time for the first time in a couple of months today. They used to sit nicely the whole time, but today they couldn't even sit for a whole story, so we had to ditch. There were many more kids in this age group (2-5) than our last (6-23 mo), so I think that played a role. I let them play in the toddler area of the library for awhile, but then they started running every which way. At one point I saw one trying to make an escape for the doors to get outside, one bolting up the stairs, and the other was just wreaking havoc on the book displays. One kindhearted librarian got the one going upstairs for me while I got the other two. I felt like a freak show!
My parents returned the life jackets that we had sent along to Florida. The girls thought it was pretty cool wear them around the house!
How I found Sofia and Madeline...
"Wait, let me in!" Josie didn't really understand how her sisters got there. (hint, they went down, not through!)

I admit, I would choose this over the first 6-7 months, but things are definitely not easier! When everyone's happy and playing it is so much fun to watch, and the new talking phase is great. They are also sleeping really well at night and during naps. There are highs and lows at each age. I was talking to a friend with 5 year old triplets last night, and she told me age 3 was harder than 2. Oh boy, not what I want to hear!
This is a little altercation between Madeline and Sofia (Sofia is the one closer). I had already missed the first couple minutes of them going back and forth. Most of the videos I post are of happy things. I just am giving you a peak to show you it's not all fun and games (but it is kind of funny in my opinion)! I could put up a temper tantrum too but I really don't want to frighten anyone!

Almost the weekend! It's one of my favorite days of the month- the Moms of Multiples meeting tonight! Woohoo to me time!


  1. girls are too cute! glad all went well with surgery <3

  2. glad sofia's doing well. Julia's definitely getting harder to manage now. she throws tantrums and does things that make me so mad like giggling and running away when i'm trying to get her ready to go somewhere. i've started a time-out chair (one minute) that i think is more to let me cool off when i'm furious at her, but it gets the point across that i'm mad at her behavior and helps us move on. she's still so shy around strangers that she hasn't acted out much in public, but i'm sure it's only a matter of time...