Friday, March 30, 2012

Playground Season!

Aren't you just loving our "spring"? I have never experienced a spring like this in Minnesota. This spring/summer weather has prompted the commencement of play set building! (Both sets of grandparents chipped in to buy the play set for Christmas.) We have also made many visits to the playground, plus extra walks. I am loving this weather even if I was a little skeptical.  A couple weekends ago we went to Dan's side of the family's cabin. The lake still had ice but we cut it close!

Couple updates...  

*Sofia, Madeline, and Josephine are using more and more sentences lately. Here are some examples: "Where are you, grandpa?" "Where did ___ go?" Etc.

*A couple nights ago, I was giving the girls some of my dinner which had some medium salsa on it and Sofia said "mouth hot! mouth hot!" but then she was excited to keep eating more and more!

*Puppies are a lot of work, but their poor mommy, Bristol, had mastitis and is now recovering from a subsequent wound that she scratched. Dan's mom and brother have been really busy tending to both Bristol and puppies. Those poor puppies couldn't nurse and must have missed their mom!

*The girls have such great memories. When we mention Bristol the girls say "Bristol owwie. Bristol sick". So sweet. They will also fill in missing words from their current favorite book, "Go, Dog, Go!"

*We have been spending a lot of time at Pete's house, and the trains that go by are louder than they are at my house and the girls get downright petrified!

Here are some pics!


Madeline on a wobbly bridge.
Beautiful day!
Sofia: "Look ma, no hands!"
Madeline pointing out daddy on the ice (yes, I kinda think it's crazy he was still on the ice at that point, but apparently he knows what he's doing!)

 We are all getting really spoiled with puppy time. Soon, the puppies will all have homes, but the majority are staying within Dan's family. Dan's trying to convince me that we should get one but I'm trying to stay strong.
Grandma, Josie, and "Bandit"

Sofia and Peter chasing puppies!
Madeline getting chased by a puppy!
Dane, Madeline, and Sofia hanging out on the slide.

STRONG little peanut Sofia (and can even still hold her duck).

Trying to catch Odin!!

Odin finally gave in and let Sofia brush him.

Madeline collecting pine cones.
This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, which is great because the guys are going to try to finish putting up the play set. They started last weekend but it is a big project. Also, my brother Ben is in town. Thanks for reading!

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