Friday, May 25, 2012


Uh-oh, I did it again!! I wanted the girls' hair to look a little more even/help out the scraggly ends, so I went ahead and gave them haircuts. It didn't help that it rained all day yesterday (turns out we got about 2.5 inches), so I needed to make things a little more exciting. I took off a little too much on one side of Sofia's face but it'll grow. I'm not really worried about it!

This picture is from when I finally finished all three. This is the one way I think they would sit still enough- videos on the computer! (We went through one George episode and one Elmo's World. They were probably wondering how they got so lucky!

Let's see how you like having your picture taken!
Miss Sofia
Madeline showing off her new 'do.
Just some Odin love :)

I have to include this picture- they love bending over like that off the crib railings. At night before bed is still crazy-time in our household. They get sooo wild!

OK, if you can tell who is who at this angle then I'm impressed 
Looks like they're doing "wave" style.
Still time for a a sister hug!
This weekend we're heading up north to Duluth/the cabin. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!
I just like this picture :) (L to R J, M, S)

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  1. Super cute haircuts. That style looks really cute on them!