Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've been skimping on blogs lately. The girls change at a slower rate now so there's less to report, I guess. Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! I spent my Mother's Day at Dan's side of the family's cabin because it was fishing opener. (Why do they schedule those the same weekend? One must wonder...)

It was a nice weekend- no rain and all sun (and wind, sadly)! I even went in the water- but it really was too cold-haha! Can you believethat we had EIGHT dogs (including 5 puppies) and FIVE toddlers!? It was busy! On Saturday, the guys were busy with cabin chores like getting the water well pump in working order. Also, two apple trees were planted in memory of Dan's Grandpa Jim Peterson. It was bittersweet watching those get planted. 

I actually had a big scare at the cabin. All the girls were on the dock plus a couple of adults and dogs. I always watch them very carefully when they're by water, but I looked at Madeline and she was taking a couple steps backwards and I knew she was going to fall off. Just as she fell off, I was almost immediately in after her (of course we both were wearing shoes and pants, etc!). The water was up to my waist and her body just sunk straight down right away. I scooped her up really quickly but she was definitely stunned. Not cool. 

The girls in general have been going well. We have had less middle of the night crying spells, which I always welcome. Their favorite toys are all the animals- both the plastic and the stuffed varieties. There definitely is some hoarding and fighting going on with them. Most of the time they get along. 

Tomorrow (Friday) I fly to Los Angeles with my parents (and Andy and Aimee are on an earlier flight) to see my brother Jon's film premiere "Josephine and the Roach". We have been waiting for this day for awhile because it kept getting pushed out since it was taking extra time. I am so excited for this trip. I know I will miss the girls and Dan but it'll be good for me, right? 

What would a blog be without some pictures? Here ya' go!
Josie digging in the sand...very serious.
Madeline smiles
Miss Sofia
Wait, what's Sofia doing with Madeline's blankie??
Sofia and Me!
Madeline pondering the meaning of life?
Dane and his little Batman fishing rod caught this Northern!

Peter is a little young to fish just yet but he sure loved bringing around his Cars fishing pole!

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