Friday, July 20, 2012

16 weeks Then and Now

I am 16+ weeks now and I thought it would be fun to show comparison pics. I didn't want to post any pics until I knew for sure I'm smaller than I was during the quad pregnancy! My tummy didn't start out as flat this time around as it did last time. As you can see in the pics below, the babies were much higher up the torso than my one baby is now. It's nice for me because usually a woman's second pregnancy they show faster and are overall bigger, but when I'm going from quad to singleton I definitely won't be getting as big! :)

Quads at 16 weeks
Singleton at 16 weeks
Last week the girls and I were in Duluth because one of my best friends, Leah, was in town from Pittsburgh. We were next door neighbors, literally, and we even made a path through the small portion of woods so we could get to each others' houses even faster! Her husband is in surgery residency so she won't be living in Minnesota for another 3 (?) years. She has two girls so it's fun getting everyone together.

Leah and I and our girls, along with Lara and her boys went to Lake Superior twice which was GREAT! Once at Brighton Beach, the rocky beach, and the second time at Park Point, the sandy beach. The girls had fun climbing over the rocks but I think the sandy beach was more toddler friendly (and they lasted a lot longer playing at Park Point). They went up to their knees-ish but that's nice for a mom who has to watch 3 toddlers. Leah and I also took our girls to Congdon Park Elementary, our elementary school. The playground is all different but still fun!

Thanks again to Leah and her mom, Elaine for watching my girls (and Leah's girls were there too of course) while I drove Dan to the airport this past Tuesday. 5 kids 3 and under!

Here are some fun pictures...
Anna, Elsa, and Leah! (Anna is 3, Elsa is 1 1/2)
Peter and Elsa rock climbing
Dane's almost too fast to catch on camera!
Madeline and Sofia 

And a ship in the background (ship noises are totally cool with the girls but NOT train noises. Big difference!)
Girls playing! (and that's Anna in the background in the water- she's brave!)
Geared up for the playground!
L to R Sofia, Anna, Josie, Madeline, and Elsa. How did we get them to stand together for a picture!?

The moms too!

A new trend with my girls lately is possessiveness amongst other kids. This was evident when we played with Anna and Elsa. I heard Madeline even tell Anna and Elsa, "No, that's Josie's!" It must be the age, but it is really difficult teaching sharing! With each other, they mostly just stick with their "own" toys unless they feel like teasing. Sometimes there are scuffles, but with other kids who don't know "who has what toys" they become so upset. You can really see the panic when another kid picks up one of their toys.

This week, the girls skipped every nap except today. They can't do this to me! They can push the baby gate down if it's not quite tight enough. Yesterday I let them goof around upstairs but when I went up all three were naked- no diapers. I'm losing this battle! This picture below is from today. I won the nap battle but when I checked on them, both Madeline and Sofia took their diapers off. The nap was too important to put diapers back on (and wake them probably). I wish we had a picture from last week when Dan checked on the girls before bed. He had to come wake me up because it was too hilarious. Madeline was UNDER the crib- her whole body- and of course sound asleep. They can barely even fit!
I have noticed I tend to have a lot of funny sleeping pictures. (Madeline)
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Olaf is still in diapers for naps/bedtime, but he started taking his off too. Sooo... we use duct tape. Because if I don't get in before he gets up it can be quite a mess so it was just easier to duct tape the diaper and keep him in! Thought I'd pass it along! :)

  2. This is great news! I didn't know until this post, but that's because I've been slacking on reading...

    Anyway, congrats and you look great!

  3. What was your secret on getting zero stretch marks while pregnant with multiples!? AMAZING!