Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We're Potty Trained!

Well... kinda...mostly. We get accidents here and there and I don't quite trust them out in public (especially the playground where they are too busy to remember). Recently, Dan was in Canada for work for two straight weeks including weekends. The girls were asking to use the potty during/after bath and actually went so I figured they were finally ready! To make everything harder during Dan's trip away, I decided to start right then. I just had them wear shirts or dresses with no bottoms on. If I put undies on they would still go so I had to do the naked thing for awhile. Now they wear undies! They get a mini gummy bear as a reward- I kind of debated whether that was a good idea, but it has helped immensely. Especially if I want them to use the bathroom before we get in the car. It's very exciting to be in the potty training process, but stressful too (mostly out in public). Not sure when it will be 100%, but we'll get there!
Big Girls! (Josie, Madeline, Sofia)
I tried to teach the girls the sprinter start in celebration of the Olympics. We have work to do!
Future track stars!
Josephine and the Roach! (my brother's thesis film! It was a grasshopper but the girls called it a roach.)
This last weekend we celebrated our FIVE YEAR anniversary!
I'm 19 weeks today and I feel great. If it was my last pregnancy, I would only have one week left of freedom until bed rest. I can't imagine going on bed rest soon especially with all the chasing I'm doing. Next week I will post another belly picture and compare it to last time. Also, we are finding out on Monday whether the baby is a boy or girl. You have to answer the poll as to what you think it will be!


  1. Congrats on the potty training. Ours took awhile and we still have problems with Elizabeth once in a while. The boys are great now, they will now take themselves to the bathroom. We keep a potty see in the van, just in case when we are out in public and there no bathrooms or atleast clean ones. At night we still have them in diapers but will soon go straight to undies all the time. Not looking forward to having to clean wet beds yet.

  2. yay for no diapers! Julia potty trained really early (18 months) because she was naked all summer while I tried to deal with an epic ongoing diaper rash. she's still in diapers at night though. i don't know how to begin the night training. a friend of mine's kid immediately night trained as well as day trained, so who knows!

  3. The picture of them in the sprinter start is hilarious. It looks like Sofia is a singer and her sisters are her backup singers/dancers, and they are in the middle of a routine. Too cute!