Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy 6 Months, Will!

A half a year ago today, Will came into this world. It's cliché to say this, but it goes by much too quickly. Will is presumably our last baby and I'm soaking it all in! I brought him to his 6 month appointment this past Friday and he weighed in at 18 lbs 11 oz (75 percentile) and only 25 percentile for height. His eczema is still the only health issue. Click Here are all his 6 month pics I took.

Will is 6 Months!
Here's what he's up to at 6 months...

*Sitting like a pro, but not getting there on his own yet
*Rolling both ways- and loves to sleep on his tummy
*Smiling at everyone who will look at him
*Shrieks of joy!
*Has been introduced to oatmeal, rice cereal, and banana but will have NONE of that!
*Will not drink from a sippy cup or a bottle- I think he's trying to keep me hostage!
*A little babbling here and there (like "A-gah", etc)
*Interested in everything around him and will grab everything in reach (no army crawling to get toys yet)
*Not to be braggy, but he is a wonder-child when it comes to naps/sleeping now. No rocking necessary!

The girls are officially over 3 1/2 years old. Here's what I can say about each girl:

Josephine- She has mastered #2 on the toilet finally- I know not everyone wants to hear about it, but I am proud of her because I wouldn't have pegged her to be the first. (The other two wait for nap or bed time in the diaper.) Josie is still the most likely to be paired off with a sister and not be left out. She still LOVES cats and still tries to get away with wearing a cat shirt everyday (though she doesn't have enough to make that happen).
Miss Josephine
Madeline- She is suddenly wary on the playground and we don't know why! She used to be the most adventurous. She is the best eater overall (though doesn't like take out food as much). She has had a couple of nightmares where she's just screaming. I know some kids who have nightmares or terrors a lot more often, and I can't imagine going through that!
Miss Madeline
Sofia- She's the most likely to push either our buttons or her sister's buttons. She's just a little provoker! She's been in timeouts lately for hitting US and she stubbornly refuses dinner when she feels like it. (Other times she eats like a pro and makes up for it.) I know picky eating is so common, and I'm sorry to my parents for my picky eating when I was little! Karma, huh!?
Miss Sofia

Here are some pics lately...
I just like this pic :)

Dan with all his kids on Father's Day
Leah and I with our boys ♡

Luke and Will



Madeline, Josie, and Sofia

Will just hanging out watching the sisters play

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Yay for the 4th coming up!

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