Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer is Here!

It has been too long since I have had a blog update. I haven't even written about my trip out East with Will! My mom's side of the family had a mini-reunion, so Will and I were able to go over Memorial weekend. I loved seeing my relatives, but we were missing some cousins. The trip was so fun and laid back with only one kid. Will was just a joy to all of my relatives and everyone commented on how happy he was (it is true!) Sadly, my pictures are on my computer at home in Oakdale, so I will share them on the next post.

I am currently in Duluth because A) Dan has a work conference in San Diego and B) one of my best friends, Leah, is in town from Pittsburgh. Leah has three kids (two girls and a new baby boy). Her parents live literally next door to my parents, so we are neighbors once again, if only for a short while. How lucky were we that we could just take a little path and get to a best friend's house in 5 seconds flat?!?  I wish we still lived next door, or even the same state (but we will live in the same state in two years when her husband Mike is done with residency).

Another fun time was last weekend Lara and her two boys stayed at our house since the guys had their annual BWCA fishing trip. It makes all the difference in the world to have another adult around. The cousins got along great, and we had some really fun playground excursions. One of the days we had a disappointing zoo trip. Como zoo was a ZOO and there wasn't even a single parking spot open! The playground suited us just fine (there were tears from the girls but they are easier to reason with now).

The girls do miss their daddy with those fishing and work trips. Sofia said last night "I want to see daddy's face!" Luckily, Facetime keeps us a little more connected. The girls are really shy with Facetime and phones, but they did talk to Dan a little!

I have to share some 3 year-old-isms with you...
*The roads in Duluth are especially bumpy (you Duluthians know what I'm talking about!) The girls said our car was "hiccuping"!
*The girls said they wanted to see pictures on that "big iPod" aka the computer!
*The car is "exercising" (going up big hills).
*They already have a running birthday wishes list: piggy banks and balloons (the mylar kind, of course). That's all they would need I think!
*I asked the girls what they want to do when they grow bigger. All three want to play tennis (grandma, are you working an angle I'm not aware of?! I have been pushing track!!), and all three want to drive a car (OK, I'm getting hives....)

Leah holding her baby Luke and her mom holding Will

Hello, Luke!

Playing at the cousins' house on Dane's birthday (he turned 5!!!)

Will looks pretty pleased in that BWW hat! (Madeline on left, Sofia on right)

The "kid" table.

Our girls at Playfront

Mr. Will

Love baby hands!

Our kids minus Luke

We have a lot of kids...

Elsa and Anna- if they were the same age, you'd think they'd be identical twins

Sofia, Madeline, and Josie (I can't get them to look at the camera, like, ever)

Don't get too excited, kids!
I will be updating soon, because Will is almost 6 months so there will be more stats to share. I'm guessing he will be high on the percentile chart for weight- what a chubster! I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. We are finally getting beautiful weather in Minnesota (even Duluth!) Love summer!

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