Friday, December 20, 2013

So Much Love!

Before I tackle a post for the girls 4th birthday, I have to pause and thank everyone who reached out on the anniversary of James' passing. I posted a picture on Facebook and received a lot of well wishes. We have the best friends and family out there!

December is a month of mixed emotions... the stress of the holidays and birthdays, the JOY of the holidays, birthdays, the realization how thankful we are for the girls' and Will's health, and the sorrow and gratitude of the short life of James. Sometimes I just need to stop and go for a run.

The girls are NOT triplets in my eyes, they are quads. I am not offended or sad when people call them triplets, but in my heart I know they are quads (if you have called the girls triplets, know that I am not upset with you!) The girls already know they had James as a brother and that he was too sick. They are too young to understand and too young to have lost someone that early in life.

Thanks for listening and I hope to post soon with a 4 year update! (Not much to report, just my favorite portraits and what they're up to!!)

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