Wednesday, January 1, 2014

4 Years- Sofia

It feels a little too daunting to tackle all FOUR birthdays plus Christmas, so I will do some mini-posts until I'm all caught up.

Sofia- She passed her preschool screening even with the extra points she needed to make for being four! I ended up bringing Josie with us for moral support but Josie was really quiet. Her presence may have helped as far as I know. She surprised me with a couple things, like building a bridge with blocks after seeing the teacher make it (the other two didn't have to do that being only 3 years old). She can't hop on one foot, but I knew that already.

Sofia still holds her hair as she sucks her thumb and she has a very strong imagination. She also has a strong need to fit in with her sisters. Sofia- but any of them, really- will quickly make an alliance with a sister or other family member based on something like shared favorite foods, a similar colored shirt they are wearing, etc. It is very interesting! I frequently hear "You're my friend.... 'cuz we both  _______(like the cereal "Life", like Chipotle, wearing pink)." I wonder if this is a typical four year old thing or a competition to be paired up with a sister and not get left out. I have a feeling it is just an age appropriate attribute, but probably magnified because of their "situation".

Here are some of her favorites if you were to ask her....

Food- Chipotle or "Potle"

Color- Pink

Animal- Deer

TV show- Diego

Stuffed Animal- Bo the dog, any of her deer

Toy (which is a separate category from stuffed animals, according to all of them)- deer (rubber figurine)

Phrase we hear often- "I can't know"

What she wants to be when she's bigger- a mommy :) or Santa, depending on her mood

Other things that are associated with Sofia- Tinker Bell, Ariel, dogs, deer

Here are some of her 4 year portraits: the winner, some OK ones, and some outtakes!
This is Sofia's "official" 4 year portrait that I took. 
This is an "outtake"- not as bad as it could be.

I think she's a pretty girl!


Penny for your thoughts!

An outtake
This is Sofia's interview; she is soft-spoken in this video but it will do!

Stay tuned to Madeline, Josephine, and Will for their birthday posts!

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