Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Duluth and Long Lake

Hey all! This summer is flying by and has been busy and so much fun. Earlier this summer, I participated in the much anticipated Garry Bjorklund Half-Marathon (it's a part of the Grandma's race weekend). My brother Ben and several friends ran the race, but it was so crowded I didn't even see everyone. I accomplished both my conservative (under 1:40) and high-reaching (under 1:35)  goals with a time of 1:33. Overall, I felt really even-paced and strong. By the end I was pretty wiped out, so I knew I did the best I could do! The last couple miles I felt like my calves were going to cramp at any moment so I just tried to maintain my pace instead of pushing it in. The girls ran their first race the Friday before my race at the Whipper Snapper races. I had to hold Josie's hand, but it seemed like they had fun! Since then, I have done two more 5ks including the "Esprit de She". The race was well done and I plan to come back next year if I can! It's a women's only race and two glasses of wine, a turkey burger and salad, a cute singlet, etc were all included in the fee. I took 3rd place out of more than 2000 women. They gave the top 3 runners flowers and a gift basket full of fun goodies like a water bottle, cleaning spray, shampoo/conditioner, head band, etc. I haven't broken 20 minutes, which is my goal. I am signed up for the Monster Dash half-marathon in October, but I'm sure I'll squeeze in another race or two before that. Early August I officially start my half-marathon training plan again- uftda! I hope I can train more this time, as my IT band prevented me from doing that many miles. (I only ran 3 days a week in preparation for Garry Bjorklund.) This blog is rarely about my activities, so I know you're dying to hear about what the kids have been up to! :)
Ben and I after the half marathon. Post-race high!
Pre-race- they must be going over their racing strategies- look at those game faces! ;)
Before the "Esprit de She" 5k with my friend Steph. I ran with her at St. Olaf (awesome runner who finished her first 5k post-baby!)
I lost to a fierce competitor, but it was a good race!
I registered with the Minneapolis Moms of Multiples! They were so nice and we had 43 kids between all of us in this picture!
The kids and I stayed in Duluth after Grandma's Marathon weekend for a whole week because Dan was traveling to Seattle for work again. The girls went to Vacation Bible School with their cousins Dane and Peter. Their aunt Lara taught their age-group so that was great for the girls! I stayed two of the days, but I think they do better (participate a little more) when I'm not there. We also spent time at Island Lake, where Dan's parents are building a new home. It's a beautiful timber frame and basically everything is custom how they want! It's really coming along since this past weekend. It may be ready to move in for them this fall sometime. 
The timber frame! It looks a lot different now, but it's really cool to see this part!
Will and "Bumpa" 

Will had such a blast looking at all the big trucks. He was mesmerized sitting there in that picture (with a worker).
We spent July 4th up at Long Lake again, where we enjoyed swimming, fireworks, and boat rides. It was really relaxing (as much as it can be with kids) and the girls even went on their first tubing ride! We are so lucky that they get along so well with Dane and Peter. Will tries to tag along too but there's only so much he can do as a toddler.
Cousins! (L to R Peter, Dane, Will, Josie, Sofia, and Madeline) Not sure if they will all fit on that bench another year!

Jumping on a water trampoline on land was just as much fun if not more than when it was on the water!

Sauna time! (L to R of my girls: M, S, J)

Cousins with Uncle Pete (J, S, M)

Cousins watching some little fireworks.

Sparkler time!

So exciting for little kids!

Will is fascinated by the glow stick.

Father and son! 

Enjoying donuts (love the ruffle bums!)

Sofia tubing with Dan!

Josie and Dan

Madeline and Dan

Tubing is serious business in the Klopp family!

All three with Dan!
Will with Grandma
Andy and Aimee visited when we got back from up north. They came prepared with fun activities for the girls. They are planning another Minnesota trip around the same time my brother Jon will be around too. Langager family reunion!
They are waiting for the  "fizzy" rocket to pop!

Displaying their tees the girls made with Aimee (J, S, M). How fun!
 I also brought the kids up to Duluth during the week to see my good friend Leah and her three kids. The girls always take a long to warm up to other kids, but once they did they had a lot of fun together! Will was just getting over an ear infections, so he was clingy the whole time. It was so fun to see Luke, though, because they change so much at that age! We were able to squeeze in another play date this past Sunday when we were in town again. Will was himself this time.

Dane had a heavy load to push!

Epitome of how Will was feeling those couple of days :(


Peter having fun at the playground

Will was a cuddle bug with Lara :)

Everyone following Anna!
Anna dried off Madeline after some water play. It is so cute how motherly Anna is!
Anna is probably explaining something here.
Madeline, Josie, Sofia, Anna, and Elsa
Peek-a-boo, Luke!
Leah and I with our 7 kids! I love Luke and Will staring at each other! 

Another example of Will's mood :(

Nice story time before bed with Grandma!

This was this past weekend. I couldn't get the smiles from my girls but it's still cute! (S, M, J)
Will and Luke. (Lighten, up, Will!)

We are planning to be at my parent's cabin on Lake Ojibway soon but our plans aren't solidified yet. We love going up north to cabins and Duluth, but once in awhile we try to stay in town too. Hope everyone is having fun and beating the heat! When the kids wake up, we're heading to somewhere with water! I had a fun photo shoot with my girls and frogs. I just love the combination of girly dresses and frogs! 
Sofia, Madeline, and Josie showing off their frogs!


Fun perspective pic

Madeline is NOT squeamish with frogs!

Neither is Sofia (or Josie, for that matter).

Don't worry, these lil' guys survived!

Until next time... I know I'll need to update after Lake Ojibway!

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