Monday, July 14, 2014

Will is 18 Months!

I need to split up the updates since it's been so long! It's been over a month since the last entry and so much has been happening. Summer is so busy! We've had Duluth trips, cabin trips, and once in awhile a weekend at home. I took Will in last week for his 18 month check-up. It was good timing for the appointment because he started a fever the night before and was still feeling crummy that morning. It turned out he had a right ear infection! I think it was his first as far as I remember. It was sad because he was so lethargic and pathetic at his appointment and the pediatrician felt so badly for him! Because he was sick, we put off the vaccines, so we will be going in soon.

Will measured 31st percentile for both height and weight. This was a relief to me, because his height percentiles kept getting lower and lower at each previous appointments. He somehow had a growth spurt these last three months. His weight was 23 lbs and he was 32 inches tall. His head is still big at 87th percentile. No wonder it's hard to get shirts on!

Will has been having a language explosion. He knows a lot of words and strings the occasional two words together (such as "Mom go?") There are unfortunate words in the mix like "no" and "mine", which he definitely learned from his sisters. He's a fantastic sleeper, but I still don't think he needs as much sleep as his sisters needed at his age. He loves balls and can catch a really slow throw (where he catches it against his chest).

Will Likes:
*trucks, buses, trains, cars- anything with wheels, I guess.
*SWEETS- and he now knows juice and asks for it a lot
*lasagna and pizza
*Sunbutter (peanut butter replacement made out of sunflower seeds)
*his blankie - wants it for sleep and when he's tired or sad
*his aunts, uncles, and grandparents! (and his cousins and sisters too)
*dogs- Odin and Walle (Lara and Charlie's new puppy)

Will Dislikes
*most vegetables still- but I keep trying!
*having to share Mom when he needs a cuddle
*putting on his cream or steroid ointment for eczema :(

Overall, he's such a sweet guy! We are seeing the drama of the two year old starting to creep out but this time we only have ONE going through it. Piece of cake, right? Right?? Well, we'll see.

Stay tuned for more updates! Continue enjoying the summer- it's going by way too quickly already. Today in the cities we are experience a fall type of day- very unseasonable for July, so it's a reminder to soak up the heat while we can! Here are some favorites from his mini 18 month photo shoot:

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