Tuesday, October 13, 2009

19 Weeks - One Week of Freedom Left!

19 weeks- wow! Time is flying by! It seems like there is a lot to do this week before I am bed-ridden. The relief is that I have family and friends that have offered to help out- run errands or cook. No matter what, I'll figure out how to make do with this whole bed-rest business.

Last night Dan and I started our car search. This makes me feel like a real adult! We have to find a car big enough for 4 car seats, plus enough cargo room to fit belongings for get-aways AND Odin's house of a kennel. For even a weekend away we have to think about how much stuff we have to tote along with us that we didn't have to think about before. Portable cribs? Mounds of diapers, wipes, and clothes? Scary! I'm so used to buzzing around in either a Civic or a hatch-back Subaru. All of a sudden I'm going to have to learn how to parallel park a semi!? Well, we won't need one that big, but a whole lot bigger than what I'm used to. We probably won't buy a car until they are born or close to it, but since I'll be on bed-rest soon, I want to see these options in person.

So far I've gained more than 20 pounds and my belly is almost, but not quite cumbersome. It's still in the cute pregnant belly category although sooner rather than later I may start to get uncomfortable! I'm lucky so far though. I have been reading posts on a "Multiples due in March" forum on Babycenter.com, and some of the women as far along as me are complaining of things like carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention, bad heartburn, and just plain discomfort. I want to avoid all that as long as possible!

I included a picture from this past weekend up at Dan's cabin (outside of Cotton- north of Duluth). It's kinda cool to see the snow, the yellow fall leaves, and an open lake. None of us expected to wake up with snow on the ground! I knew it was in the forecast, but it was still surprising. Apparently the snow reached all the way south to Iowa! Then we got a blanket in the cities earlier this week. That has melted since, but wow! This is the earliest I've ever seen snow! I wonder if we'll get back to normal fall weather before true winter hits. I'm sure we will- I'll be optimistic! It's so odd that we basically went from 80's to 40-50's. Whatever happened to the 60's (my favorite fall weather!)?

This weekend is my last trip to Duluth before the babies come! We are going to the UMD football game because they are honoring Dan's great-grandfather, Lloyd Peterson. He was a former player for the U of MN football team and then coached UMD, basically turning around the whole program. It will be fun to be at that game! I know Dan is very proud of his great-grandfather.
Well, have a great rest of the week and weekend! I'll update after my appointment a week from today!

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