Wednesday, October 28, 2009

21 Weeks and Learning about GD

Officially 21 weeks yesterday! Every week when we take the belly pic I always think to myself "there's no way my belly will look bigger than last week's pic". Then I compare the two pics and see I have grown! It's so crazy! I have noticed that when I need to sit up from laying down, it's like I have no abdominal muscles! It will be very interesting getting back into shape eventually...

Last week after I wrote the blog, I got a message from the Diabetes and Pregnancy Clinic informing me I have a class to attend and until then "eat healthy". I thought to myself "Ok.....". Still not really any information. I did end up calling a nurse so I could find out my actual number after the one hour glucose challenge, which was 146. My dad said "Oh that's not too bad". I did some reading about gestational diabetes this past week and it scared me silly! Limiting my carbs- even the good carbs!? I could care less if I had to only give up sweets like cake, cookies, and candy, but to limit how much bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes? AND FRUIT AND CEREAL!? I was feeling pretty defeated but knew I'd wait until the class to see if I really was in a lot of trouble. My main concern was, how will I get enough calories to support a quad pregnancy while limiting carbs?

The "class" was actually a one-on-one info session with a nurse certified to educate in diabetes. The other women were together but I think I was separate because my case is a little unique. Plus they let me lay in bed the whole time since I am on bed-rest. First, she showed me how to use the blood glucose monitor. Yes, I get to stick myself with a needle... Actually that doesn't bother me at all, and I think it's really interesting keeping track of blood glucose levels. I'm supposed to collect my blood glucose in the morning before any meal, then after the three main meals. I need to be under 140 at one hour after all the meals. She told me I still can eat carbs, just limit how much at each snack and meal. The nurse also said that I can experiment with how many carbs my body can handle before I go to high, which I am pleased about. I'm supposed to eat every two hours (carbs are part of each meal/snack) but if I'm hungry in-between I can have as much protein or veggies as I want. I need to think of good protein ideas- my favorites right now are cheese, nuts, and meat (but meat isn't as convenient). Anyone have any good ideas, keeping in mind that I don't like peanut butter and artificial sweeteners? Anything that has more than 4 or 5 grams of carbs on the nutrition label will count as a "carb choice", so steer clear!

I cheated yesterday...well, not on purpose, but before the info session we had to fill out a questionnaire. It said to list any pregnancy concerns and I wrote that lately I haven't been feeling the monos as much as baby B (baby A is still hard to feel very often). I thought it was weird I don't feel them that much because they were the first ones I felt. This wasn't a lie but I wasn't necessarily that worried. The nurses and doctors always tell me to say anything minor that I have been thinking about. Anyways, after the info session a nurse (and another nurse watching) did a quick ultrasound to check out all the heartbeats. I got to see my babies!! I think the nurses were just as excited as I was because they don't get to see quad ultrasounds very often. Now just one week till I get to see them next! The doctor told me after the u/s that at 21 weeks, they're still not strong enough to feel regularly, so that put me at ease also.

Hope everyone's weeks are going well. I'm jealous of everyone doing fun things this Saturday for Halloween. I get to at least see some trick-or-treaters!

One other thing: if anyone knows someone or is someone that is good at customizing blogpot blogs let me know! I need to spice mine up and find something else besides the templates they provide!

UPDATE: I was a little worried about taking my blood glucose after my morning meal. Everything I read about GD said that the morning meal is the hardest to control because your blood sugar skyrockets with not that many carbs. This morning I had a big bowl of oatmeal, carrots, and some cheese, thinking I was probably eating too much oatmeal. The number just came back as 120, so YAY! Tomorrow I'm going to see what happens with cereal (supposedly bad, especially with adding milk). It could be that adding the carrots and cheese helped balance out my carbs.


  1. Lurkie Loo here - I love reading your story! Can you eat eggs? Hard boiled eggs are an excellent snack. You can boil up several, keep them in the fridge. They are easy and ready to eat! Keep taking good care of yourself!

  2. I found your blog through the BBC March birth board. I have an incompetent cervix and just got a cerclage last week so I may be facing bedrest in my future. I just had 5 days of it last week with this pregnancy and had 2 weeks of hospital bedrest with my daughter. Hang in there! I know what you mean about trying to sit up. The muscles sure atrophy quite quickly!

    I also wanted to point you to a friend's blog:

    I went to HS with Heather. She is currently PG with her 2nd and dealt with GD her first pregnancy and has been labeled with Diabetes this time around. She may have some tips for you! Also I know that she does blog makeovers, I don't know what she might charge, but it's worth asking! Tell her that Lanette introduced you to her blog. Take care!

    My blog is at

    I am not too faithful about updating but trying to get better!

  3. Hi Martha! Looking good! I don't know much about babies or diabetes, but I get my blog backgrounds from or :)

  4. Hi Martha! I am so sorry that you have to keep tabs on your blood sugars, but your positive attitude and motivation will keep you and those little wonders healthy!

    Eggs and beans (pretty much all legumes) are great sources of protein. Refried beans with a little salsa and cheese warmed in the stove or microwave is a great snack. You could dip carrots into it, or some other veggie (or low-carb chip!). Also, other nut butters might be a good option, like almond butter or cashew butter.

    Thank you for your faithful updating of the blog. There are so many people out here in cyberland rooting for you, Dan, and the Awesome Foursome!

  5. Thanks for all the ideas everyone!

  6. Hi Martha

    I'm Britt's sister-in-law...all I can tell you with my GD was that it wasn't really the sugars (cake, cookies, etc...) that spiked my levels it was the carbs...big time! I really had to watch them. Oh...and grapes! I had never seen my levels go so high after I had just a few grapes! Yikes! That pretty much went for most levels seemed to go up a bit but the grapes really got it :) I just had to experiment around with what made my levels go up and what seemed to be okay...sounds like that's what you are doing...every body is different and ever situation is different. But I also heard that if you do want something a little sweet make sure you a few almonds with's suppose to combat the did seem to work. Well I've probably told you nothing new but I thought I'd pass it along. I enjoy following your blog and I pray all the best for you and your family!

  7. I just found your blog by searching google images for 13 week belly bumps! I found your picture and was like, Thank god! I felt so small like my little thing isn't growing! then I saw you're having quads!! HOLY COW! I feel a lot better knowing you didn't have much more of a bump at 13 weeks with 4 than I do with 1!!! Good luck on the pregnancy and congrats on four!!

  8. What about flax seeds? I think like a tablespoon (or two?) has 5g of protein. I like them on top of lots of things that I'd eat anyway.... mix a tablespoon into cottage cheese or something: can eat less cottage cheese but get extra protein per spoonful. Just little crunchy deliciousness. Sprinkle some on your cereal... on fruit, whatever. Everything I can think of putting them on either has fat or carbs anyway, but maybe you could eat less of them while still getting the carbs, and be full for longer.