Wednesday, October 21, 2009

20 Weeks- Bed Rest but Healthy!

Hello! I went in for my 20 week appointment this morning. The babies are still looking great! Unfortunately the tech didn't print off that many great pictures. We did get one of each but they're not really worth putting up. Two of the pics were just of the stomachs, one was a profile (but blurry), and the other one was of I don't even know what! The tech did quick measurements of the bellies for growth and Baby B was still the biggest (20 weeks 3 days). The other three were pretty much the same at 19 weeks 4 or 5 days. We didn't get any weight estimates. I guess next time they will check more thoroughly for growth. My cervix was measuring 3.7 cm, which is still good! I found out that I have gained 27 pounds so far! The nurse said I'm on track...

I figured that my mom and Dan's mom should each get a chance to see an ultrasound. It worked out that Dan's mom, Deb, could make it to this ultrasound, so that was fun to have someone else there. She was so happy to see her grandchildren! Hopefully my mom can come to the next one.

During the OB portion of the visit, the nurse had me drink the sugary, syrupy drink in order to do a 1 hour glucose check. It tasted like overly sweet 7-up and I would never drink it voluntarily! Anyways, after an hour she took my blood to test both my blood sugar and my hemoglobin. The nurse called me this afternoon and she told me my hemoglobin was fine, but my blood sugar levels are "very suspicious". This means I may have gestational diabetes. :( I thought I would pass the test with flying colors because there haven't been any road blocks yet and was used to only hearing good news. Gestational diabetes is a lot more likely with multiples, especially higher-order multiples. The nurse referred me to a diabetes pregnancy clinic to decide how to approach this. I don't have the clear diagnosis yet- I'm sure there will be more testing. The good thing is if I do have gestational diabetes, at least we are catching it nice and early.

I started bed-rest yesterday. I didn't know how strict it was, so I was pretty much laying at an incline all day. It was comfortable at first, but after awhile my back was getting achy. I got up to let Odin outside, to get food, to shower and use the bathroom. Today I talked to the doctor about how strict I should be. He said to just stay off my feet as much as I can, but I can be sitting up or laying down. It is such a difference to be sitting up! This will make it much more bearable! When it does become more strict, we will be sending Odin up to Duluth.

On my last blog entry I mentioned that Dan and I were going to the UMD football game because Dan's great-grandfather, Lloyd Peterson was honored. If you want to read about this man, check out this write-up. We got to sit in the VIP suite and enjoy some food. The Bulldogs crushed St. Cloud State and it was such a fun game to watch! The picture below shows Dan's grandfather holding the plaque standing with his four sisters. They were presented with the plaque during half-time. It was pretty cool! This weekend we are, surprise, staying in town. Hope everyone has a good week/weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing another good update! You and your little ones remain in my prayers.

  2. Just found your blog through your BabyCenter March birth club post. Wow - four!? There's a blog I started following a month or two ago written by a first-time mom who just had twins. Thought you might enjoy it: